Painting Purple Posies

Purple Crocus Spring Watercolor 10x14" 300 lb Arches Cold Press

Purple Crocus Spring Watercolor 10×14″ 300 lb Arches Cold Press

Painting Purple Posies.

Though I could never create the beauty Mother Nature does…

especially in Spring when the purple crocuses pop up and  remind us once again of the hope of life and rebirth and renewal…

I couldn’t resist painting my impression of these beauties I captured and posted yesterday.

It was good to splash some Winsor Violet and Opera Rose and Prussian Blue and Cadmium Yellow with a touch of Perylene Green.

And instead of trying to recreate them, my goal was to paint how they made me feel.

I struggle with stopping here or filling in the details to make them look more realistic.  But ultimately, my love for impressionistic painting wins, and I stopped.

Before I ever ventured into this amazing joy of painting, I would have thought this way easier than exactly duplicating or painting more realistic representations, but the urge to “fiddle” and “replicate” typically leaves me feeling less satisfied.

To restrain….

To stop “before…”

To leave a bit – even if only a teensy bit – to the imagination…

is a challenge…

But a crazy and totally fulfilling, joyful experience when it works.

Not convinced I hit it with this one, but the joy  in the journey might just be as satisfying as the ultimate goal.

Kinda like life – huh?

It’s a journey – meant to be embraced and expressed and felt – all along the way.

Once we reach the destination – then what?

Cheers  & Hugs,


50 thoughts on “Painting Purple Posies

  1. Good for you for going with the impressionist approach. It’s not that it necessarily makes it a “better” painting, but it certainly better represents Jodi!
    I used to work with a “car fanatic” and he was so critical of car paintings. Things were never quite perfect. Wrong number of bolts somewhere etc etc. We discussed this and eventually agreed that he really should not be looking at paintings of cars, but rather look at photographs.
    Keep doing whatever makes you happy Jodi and people will like your work… or not … but keep doing what makes you happy anyway! 🙂

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  2. I look at your paintings and wonder how you paint them – they are so vibrant and gorgeous and so full of life!! I love your style, Jodi! 💜 It may not be the style you want to have but I’m glad you keep expressing it as it is so lovely, just like you! 🌷😊🎨👍🌟

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  3. Maybe what I love so much about your impressionistic flowers is that you have “painted the way they make you feel” because that’s what jumps out at me! And I completely agree that in our life what is important is out journey, not the destination. Too often I fall into the trap of seeing my days as a race that needs to be run as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that’s just plain silly. The journey is life, and it is the gift!

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  4. Now you are the magician ! Love it more. (More than the photo), Not more than the feeling of discovery, or the excitement that life is beautiful to have made it thru the winter and new birth has come thru it, and you’ve certainly captured the gratitude of the blessings we’ve been given. Where would I ever find this in my garden? Only in my mind. It’s all there. No missing bits. Lovely. Lovely painting, lovely memory. Eye candy!

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