Potted Blue Lavender in Watercolor

Potted Blue Lavender in Watercolor - 8x10" - Fabriano 140lb Cold Press

Potted Blue Lavender in Watercolor – 8×10″ – Fabriano 140lb Cold Press

Potted Blue Lavender in Watercolor.

Oh what fun I had splashing this blue – Cerulean, French Ultramarine, and a splash of Red for some violet tint.

This painting was inspired by one of my favorite watercolor artists, Andrew Geeson.  I love Andrew’s loose style and his fun Youtube tutorials.  I like to watch him do it, and then walk away and try to create it in my own way.  Mine usually look quite different, but that is the beauty of everyone’s personal style.

I love the smell of lavender!  For my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Liz’s bridal shower, her sister made favors for everyone of lavender sugar scrub.  I use it almost every day!  She made it from coconut oil, sugar, and lavender essence.  It is so heavenly to rub between the palms and fingers of my hands and on my feet, making everything so much softer and smelling beautiful.

Lavender can also be used in gourmet cooking.  I’m excited to try a recipe one of Liz’s aunts has made for the wedding cookie table.  She made earl grey tea bread with lavender butter!  Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

So no wonder I am thinking of lavender.  I think I will look into buying a lavender plant and seeing how well it does in my little corner of the world.

In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoyed painting lavender in watercolor with a short little half hour break at life in between.

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25 thoughts on “Potted Blue Lavender in Watercolor

  1. Truly lovely, Jodi! I can even smell the scent of lavender as I gaze at your beautiful watercolor. It will be fun to check out Daniel Geeson on YT. Have a wonderful week, Jodi! ♡


  2. Lavender is such a pretty plant in full bloom! I bought one last year but only got one round of blooms, I do hear you can get two if tended properly. We have several lavender farms here in Central Oregon, so it is certainly hardy enough for Mars! I left my potted plant outdoors over our long, snowy winter, and it’s already a nice bushy green after cutting it back last fall. Gorgeous watercolor, too!


  3. My lavender is just getting silvery…I love having it outside to cut from all summer for some sweet smells inside. I find them to be very hardy, and they come back every year. Of course mine never get the full purple beauty of your painting! (K)


  4. I love lavender! 💜 Your watercolor looks fantastic – I can almost smell it!! 😃 I used to grow lavender but it didn’t survive. However, there are so many varieties today that I think you will be able to find one that will thrive, Jodi! 🌱 I have never cooked with it so I’ll be curious to hear what you discover.

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