Easter & Spring Carrot Vegetable Tray

Easter & Spring Carrot Vegetable Tray.

It’s not always that hard to be creative and fun with your food for holidays and special occasions.

For our Easter celebration this year, I made a veggie tray in the shape of a carrot with carrots and other vegetables. Β A meat serving platter is a great shaped tray for creating this “design.”

We dipped our veggies in hummus.

You could also make a ranch or dill or spinach dip or whatever you like, but have fun with your food and make it a little festive with quick and easy simple touches like this!

My favorite is the sugar snap peas. Β What is your favorite crudite?

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30 thoughts on “Easter & Spring Carrot Vegetable Tray

  1. Love your carrots of carrot! 🐰πŸ₯• I pretty much like all veggies. I especially like them this time of year when the Farmer’s markets start opening up. Nothing like FRESH veggies! I like aspargus in the Spring. I made an easy spaghetti with mushrooms, tomatoes and aspargus and alfredo sauce! Yum! πŸ…

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