The Friendship Hummer

The Friendship Hummer Watercolor - 8x10 140 lb Saunders Cold Press

The Friendship Hummer Watercolor – 8×10 140 lb Saunders Cold Press

The Friendship Hummer.

One of my besties is on a well-deserved vacation.  It is her first extended vacation away in two years from being a full-time caregiver to her parents who she loves so dearly and takes such wonderful care of.

In her travels through Oregon, she visited a gift shop where she discovered the amazing art of Dean Crouser.  She sent me a photo of a wall of his artwork with a friendly “challenge” to create a similar piece for her.

So here is my attempt.  It was fun creating it with the love I feel for this special friend.  And though it is nowhere near the artistic genius of Dean Crouser, I’m hoping she will love it since it was made especially for her full of love and admiration and gratitude for her friendship.

Love you Janet!

Cheers & Hugs,



43 thoughts on “The Friendship Hummer

  1. Love humming birds and this one is lovely!! Especially knowing the story behind it!
    I hope your friend enjoys her well deserved vacation!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday my sweet friend! ❀


  2. Jodi….JODI! hehe….just making sure I have your attention. I suggest that you take your painting prop it up and stand with a mirror turn around and look through your mirror at your painting. (this little technique helps you to see a painting in a different perspective) What do you see? Beauty!!! Comparing yourself to this other artist, you aren’t seeing what you created properly, imho. I think that is why I believe that comparing oneself to other artists cancels out your own art. You have something truly your own to say, your story, in your way. I am probablyy taking it further than you meant but it has been a running theme in my life, to remind myself not to compare and it is hard not to, I know. Anyhow, I just had to tell you how gorgeous this is. It is as beautiful as I have seen with artists that excel in painting hummingbirds. Alright, I am done. πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  3. Oh, your hummer is created in LOVE which makes it PERFECTly delightful!! Your art is stunning, Jodi! ❀ And I know your friend will love it – knowing it is a gift from your heART!! πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œ


  4. Jodi great courage to just attempt to paint in Dean’s style. Turned out lovely. My local art store is a Hallmark and art store, and they too carry many of his pieces in pottery, notebooks, plates, sugar creamer candle coffee mugs. I have a piece or two in the butterfly. My favorite style of painting. Yours is stunning and looks fun to do.

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