One New Beautiful Thing

One New Beautiful Thing - Along My Daily Walk

One New Beautiful Thing – Along My Daily Walk

One New Beautiful Thing.

As you walk along life’s pathway –
which often seems to go the same ole’ way,

Challenge yourself to find
just one new beautiful thing each day.

Open your eyes and open your heart –
it is right there in front of you if only you look.

Cheers & Hugs,


39 thoughts on “One New Beautiful Thing

  1. Your photos are as equally stunning as your watercolor paintings, and then your cooking! I could just go on… Your friendships and family and poetry. You are limitless in your talent. So glad I stumbled upon you so many common interest.

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  2. Well Jodi, I am now sufficiently recovered from the shock of meeting Americans who are actually interesting, entertaining, and good fun, to comment on your website content. You certainly have creative talent, looking at your art, and your writing is soft, kind and upbeat. I will of course skip any food articles.
    Regards to Marty, and Todd and Jill, and do let Jill ? know I certainly enjoyed watching her in the Halloween trilogy. May see you all in America some time.

    Mike / Galway / Irl.

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