Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet

Grass Flip Flops – Don’t let the grass grow under your feet

Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet.

After getting a total kick out of these grass flip flops I spotted in a gift shop in Sedona   and seeing where someone who lives in the desert southwest might enjoy these, they reminded me of this saying Grandma used to say.

“Don’t let the grass grow under your feet!”

Some of her other favorites included, “Make hay while the sun shines,” and “Work before pleasure.”

I can still hear her saying these in my head, and it makes me smile.

Grandma only went to school until fourth grade before she had to stay home and take care of her brothers after the passing of her mother.    At the age of nine, she also did the cooking and cleaning and laundry (long before automatic washers and dryers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners) while her dad worked in the coal mine.

Can we even image any of our children at the age of 9 doing this today?  Not that I would recommend it!

Though she lacked formal education, she had more common sense and a stronger work ethic than anyone I’ve known.  There is nothing she wouldn’t try doing – including electrical work!

She taught me many things.  Things you don’t learn in school.

She taught me the important “stuff!”

But most of all she loved me with a love I still feel today.

My grandma has been gone for over 20 years, but she is still my guiding light in so many ways every day.  Now that I am a grandma, I can only hope that I will have the same impact on my grandchild(ren).

Cheers & Hugs,

56 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Feet

  1. Hahaha! Cute shoes! We don’t know what to do with grass in the southwest so we make shoes with it. LOL! Your grandma sounds so much like my grandmother. She went to school through the 8th grade then had to stay home to help on the farm. They were using slates when she went to school. Also, she was left handed and they made her use her right hand to write. She was a very wise woman!

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  2. sniffle! I never knew my grandparents, my dad was the youngest of 8 so they were gone before I was born, but i do wonder now what my grandchildren will remember about me…probably that I’m always saying “don’t do that!” Ha!

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    • Lol. That maybe but also a lot of good food and art and fun and love I am sure!! I’ve had to start saying “no” to my granddaughter when she is getting into something she shouldn’t. Like an electrical plug! I know i have to do it but buy it is hard. You should see her look at me. Like “what was that tone?!”


  3. Your grandma sounds like an amazing person, Jodi, and I’m guessing you’re following in her footsteps and being an awesome grandma, too. All I could think when I saw those flip-flops is how much they would tickle my feet!

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    • I think they would be tickly! 😝. Maybe they would feel like a foot massage. I thought they were kind of a gag type gift but somebody mentioned they have them and love them. Who knew??!! Lol


  4. Another Good Morning to you, or what remains of this morning. I had to squint at the price tag of those grass flip flops – grass under your feet doesn’t come cheap! They sure are cute! Your Grandma sounds just like my Gram. My siblings and I spent many of our formative years growing up under her wise tutelage on her Pa. farm. I only hope that her wisdom continues to be passed through me. Lovely tribute to your beloved Grandma. Thank-you! P.S. Good Afternoon too!

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  5. Your post reminds me of my grandma. Gram was such a good sewer and taught us important lessons in life that you don’t get in school. Enjoyed your post today, Jodi 💚 And love the grass flip flops! 😊

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  6. I have no doubt you will have exactly the same impact on your grandchildren! And what makes that even nicer is knowing that what you are really doing is passing on the love your grandmother had for you to the newer generations. What better way to honor her precious memory?

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  7. Hi Jodi! Back again! I’m also putting together a “green” post and wondered if I may use your jandals photo and quote the bit about what your grandmother said about not letting the grass grow under your feet! It would add a nice light touch to my post and add some wisdom! Pls let me know – thanks!

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