Everything changes
when you allow yourself
to be you.

Not the you
thinks you should be.

Not the you
you think
everyone wants you to be.

But when
you allow yourself
to be you…

You embody
the light
that is you

through the fog
that is
the world.

Be the light
that is you
to the world.

When you are real
you become

Cheers & Hugs,

53 thoughts on “Ethereal

  1. I don’t think I’ve posted before, but I enjoy your posts every day, whether it’s watercolour or poetry. This one is beautiful to both the eye and the mind. Thank you for that reminder.

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  2. A very beautiful and profound post! It is a truly a revelation to listen to your heart. Your heart knows who you really are, more than the brain that tells you who you should be. Thank-you for this lovely photo and inspiring words.

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      • I do Thank-YOU very much!! Your words speak to me and touch my heart! I am thankful for the day that I wandered into your blog and stayed. It is like coming home again, that feeling of contentment and joy. I have only followed since mid-May, so very often a new post leads me onto previous posts. A delightful experience always unfolds. You are true to your own self and it shines through whatever you post. So again, THANK-YOU!!

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  3. Good Morning Jodi! This is in response to your question of how I wandered into your blog. It was a serendipitous event that came about through reading a post on The Painted Apron! Jenna’s post of May 12th. featured the watercolor paintings of the same roses by both of you. I was enchanted by them, needed to investigate the source and hence here I am! I often click onto different blogs within a blog, sometimes out of curiosity or sometimes interest and sometimes simple boredom. I must admit that I am entranced by the supportive network of bloggers. More information than you needed? I should say Thank-you to Jenna too!

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      • While rambling in and around different blogs one day, I chanced upon Jenna’s delightful blog and became a follower. It was a circuitous trip and I don’t even remember where it started! I have never, even momentarily, considered becoming a blogger. I am a follower, not a leader – if not for followers, there is no need for a leader. I am a contented and happy wanderer among the blogs, it is enough for me!! I also have a tendency to be too loquacious in my responses.My Son often says: ” Mom, give me the edited version.”

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  4. I loved this, Jodi! It’s something we all need to remember, because it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of being the person others want, or need, us to be. But we need to just be ourselves, and know that is not only enough, but the greatest gift we can give.

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