The Right Path

Backyard Path - Mars, PA August 2017

Backyard Path – Mars, PA August 2017

The Right Path.

If it was done with kindness,
It it was filled with love,
If it took humility and courage,
If it made you laugh,
If it made you jump out of bed in the morning,
If it brought tears of joy to your eyes,
If it caused a lump in your throat,
If it made you sweat,
If it required sacrifice…

You are likely on the right path.

Cheers & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “The Right Path

  1. Thank you Jodi! I needed that today. I have been questioning what to do concerning my bed and breakfast business. It is not bringing in the amount of money we need to pay the bills and I was considering closing it. I have read three things in a row now this morning telling me to “use what I have” and that I am on the right path, I just have to keep moving forward. We are struggling but your beautiful words remind me of how I felt when I was opening the business and that I can’t give up now. Thank you for your insiration today! Blessings to you!

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