Klaus the Mouse and his friends have become a Book!

Klaus the Mouse and his friends have become a Book!

Some of you who have been hanging around here for a while at TheCreativeLifeinBetween may remember Klaus the Mouse, who lived in a teeny tiny house.

You might also recall Hedy the Hedgehog who didn’t like to go to bedy.

Hedy the Hedgehog

Then there’s Chuck the Duck and Pam the Lamb.  There’s an Otter named Potter and Mig the Pig.

Adele the Gazelle has a smell that casts a magic spell, and what a phenomenon is a Fawn named John!

Chippy the Chipmunk, Rooty the Rooster, Hal the Colorful Cow, a Bumble Bee Named Buzz, and Gail the Snail.

They all joined together in this sweet little collection of watercolors and silly rhyming tales.

Thanks to so many of you who encouraged me along the way.  You helped make it happen!

My first published book!  A collection of silly tales for children 3-103.

If you would like to purchase, here is a link:  KLAUS THE MOUSE.

Happy Reading, Happy Sharing, Happy Laughing.

Cheers & Hugs,

92 thoughts on “Klaus the Mouse and his friends have become a Book!

  1. Oh you are so clever Jodi! Nearly my bedtime but I’ll come back another day to look at your old posts – Klaus and Hedy look so cute! Would you, by any chance, be willing to do a guest post sometime on “Beauty” – I’ve had you in mind all along! No rush or anything.

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      • Wonderful Jodi! General theme of this series is what and where is Beauty? And I’m looking for different perspectives. You are so gifted with your watercolours, photography, poetry and writing, cooking, and you have a happy family life. I know that you have much to share with us on what is Beauty, and where is Beauty, from your own perspective and experience. And if you would complement your content with some of your paintings and photos I know it would be an outstanding and inspiring article! Thanks Jodi! xx

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      • I’d like to publish one per week but not to a set schedule. So no stress. If you’d like to start putting a post together this week you’d be welcome to. I’m waiting to hear back from someone and if that fizzles I could post your one next weekend. Let me know if you’d like to begin this week because I can give you a login. Many thanks Jodi!

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  2. Love the book! I’m trying to order it now but the coupon code does not work???

    So excited to share your book with my children ❤

    Bravo to you Jodi….a very talented & sweet lady…

    Your Grandmother would be proud ❤

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      • It says the following…

        Sorry, this promotion can only be applied to books uploaded to and ordered through your own account.

        I think the WELCOME20 is just for you…I’m using your link, but it asks you to sign up to be able to purchase the book…

        No worries…💜

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  3. Hey Jodi,
    Now that I know you have been doing all these cool books…..here’s a couple of other suggestions for you if they give you any inspiration:

    A fish named “Tish”

    A canary named “Terry” Uhmmmm …..wonder where this name connection came from? Canaries are “Yellow”….Terry’s favorite color was “Yellow” Of course, no pressure here to pursue this…..just an idea for a possible future book.

    Have a great day….. I love your creativity. You are so good at this and your water colors are so refreshing !!!

    Luv Gary

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      • I know….but my favorite color is green !!! Ha Ha

        Okay …Here’s a little spin on the canary-Terrry theme…..

        There once was a yellow canary named Terry who had a good friend named Gary. Terry lived in a birdhouse high in a tree in the city of Tampa close to his good friend’s camper. Terry was so full of life with vigor and glee as he continued to blog in his house in the tree. Then early one day Terry became very sick and from that point forward his health went down quick. No matter the pain, no matter the grief Terry always felt better and a little relief when he blogged to his friends who provided him love no matter his struggles or thoughts from above. They one day when Terry was perched in his tree, he got a sweet gift from his good friend Jodi. The gift was a yellow flower that was painted with love to remind Terry that that things are much better above. From that point forward Terry raised his head high and did his very best to hold back his cry. Terry knew if would soon be time to let out his last chirp so he got himself ready to depart this dear earth. Although Terry now is no longer here perched in his tree his friends all know that his spirit is with me always, his best friend Gary !
        NOte: Again just a thought…..I tend to think of these crazy ideas early in the morning or late at night when I’m tired, so they may not be that good of an idea when I look at them later in the day. Oh well, with Love, Gary l

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  4. Dear Jodi – I’m so happy for you and your plunge into self-publishing. Books are a great way to share your beautiful art and poetry. I just got my email notice that your book is on it’s way to me. I can’t wait to share it with my granddaughter Lilla. She is 6 now, and learning to read, so this book will be perfect for her. Have a beautiful weekend.

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  5. Jodi, this is fantabulous news!!! I can’t wait to show this to Benjamin when he arrives to spend the weekend. We were just revisiting all of his “friends” yesterday, we’ve continued to visit several times a week. Some days he likes Earl the best, sometimes Hal, sometimes Chippy…the favorite changes frequently. I can’t wait to order this book. Thank-you and CONGRATULATIONS too!!

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    • Aww! Thanks Jenna! I did not know. Hope you and your grandies enjoy! Thank you so much for your support Jenna. I see books getting ordered, but I don’t know who they are ordered by. 🙂


  6. Hey Jodi, Glad you liked the little poem/nursery rhyme I wrote late last night about the yellow canary named Terry. I know what I wrote is not perfect and as I look at it this morning it definitely needs a bit of tweaking especially the last sentence as I mixed up my wording a bit. Remember I tend to write these late at night and directly on my cell which can be challenging. Please…..no rush on painting the yellow canary and naturally should you ever want to tweak what I wrote and use any version of it in an approprate format in any of your future books you are more than welcome. I wanted to tie the color yellow to Terry’s favorite color and the bird house to my natural shrine for him at the place where he died and to know that this little canary named Terry could keep going on despite all the healthcare setbacks he had becsuse of all the love and support the little canary Terry recieved and despite Terry now being gone, his dpirit lives on. Kind of a teaching point for kids about lthe challeges in life and how a liittle kindness to others can go a long way and despite our inevitsble death our spirit and our positive impact on others lives on. Luv Gary

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  7. I’m so happy for your Jodi! I’d love to buy a copy of the book, but I’m wondering if there is a way to do it without creating an account with Blurb? I really try to limit how many accounts I have, so I can keep track of all the passwords, etc. Can I do it as a “guest” at that link?

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  8. That’s wonderful Jodi. I have been following you for just a couple of weeks and have seen that you are such a creative and hard working person. You manage so many things. Truly inspired by your work. Congrats for this and wishing you many more such wonderful moments…

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  9. I tried to order it again, but there is no guest option. So I just created an account, but I ran into a problem when it came time to check out…my computer said the page wasn’t secure? (Might have been a glitch on my computer.) Anyway, I saw that I can also use pay pal to buy it, and my son has a pay pal account, so I’ll just have him buy it for me! I want to get a copy for my daughter’s baby coming this January! Thanks for being so patient in answering my questions!

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