Full Moon Calling

Full Moon Raven Watercolor 8x10

Full Moon Raven Watercolor 8×10

Full Moon Calling.

When I saw a recent painting done by a favorite artist/blogger friend, Sharon Mann at Make Art… Magic Happens, I told her I loved it so much, it made me want to paint it.

Sweet Sharon encouraged me to do it!

And so I did – and here it is….. A painting I did at 4AM one morning last week when I couldn’t sleep.

Be sure to check out Sharon’s absolutely amazing original version of this, which she titled, Call of the Raven.    Sharon has a style very different from mine, but one I absolutely adore and admire.  I love the texture she creates.  I love the whimsy of her style.  I love the range of subjects she chooses to explore and create.  And to top it off, she is simply a lovely person!

Sharon was one of the first to send an absolutely amazing handmade gift when I learned I was to become a grandma over a year ago.  She painted a photo of a batch of my cookies and gifted me with the beautiful piece of art that has graced my kitchen wall for several years now.  She was one of the first few dozen people to purchase my first published children’s book – and then share it to her friends.

About a year ago, Sharon lost her husband and best friend.  It was a life-altering experience for her, and she took a break from blogging until just a few weeks ago.  It is so wonderful to have her back blogging and inspiring so many of us artist wannabees!

Thank you for allowing me to paint your art Sharon.  I enjoyed it immensely!  Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement, but most of all  your friendship.

Be sure to check out Sharon’s blog.  You are in for a real treat and a wonderful new friend!

Cheers &  Hugs,


44 thoughts on “Full Moon Calling

  1. I love this painting, and even more, Jodi, I love the story of a friendship sprinting forth from the soil of the blogosphere! I will be visiting Sharon’s blog…

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  2. You picture is beautiful and your words enticed me over to Sharon’s place … I’m with you – she has a fabulous style which, like yours, speaks to me. So I have followed her and I know I shall enjoy the journey very much. Her loss touches me deeply 🌸

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  3. Dear Jodi, WOW!!!! Your Raven is spectacular. I’m so thrilled you took the challenge of painting the Raven.

    And, you know you have me in tears. Thank you for writing such kind, caring and supportive words about me and the art that I make. It is very humbling to receive such a kind and giving message and to let it soak in with appreciation. I love our friendship so much and all of the friendships I’ve made through blogging. We all contribute in such a positive way to better our world through our creative messages and love. And, we are all touched deeply by the shared wisdom from each other. I’m so glad to be back.

    Have a beautiful Sunday. I’m spending my day with my best friend from high school. We had a blast at our 50 year reunion last night!

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    • Oh Sharon -now I have goosebumps and wet eyes. You are so dear to me. It was such an honor and joy to paint this. You have inspired me sooooo many times. You have supported me from the very beginning. You have become a very special friend! Have a wonderful Sunday with your HS BF! Happy Happy Day! ❤


  4. Love your interpretation of Sharon’s “Call of the Raven”. Both paintings are beautiful, though in different ways as seen through the different eyes of the artists. Perfect for October too. Thank-you for a lovely post sharing your talented friend’s art and blog. This blogging world seems to be a club with unlimited membership of supportive companions on your separate, yet entwined journeys.

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  5. Your raven is stunning, Jodi!! ❤️ I love how you created it in your own style. And I agree, I feel blessed to have both you and Sharon’s friendship! And so glad Sharon has returned to blogging. I missed her too! 😘💕

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  6. I can’t paint when I am awake, much less paint when its the wee hours of the morning! LOL! Great job! I enjoyed the sweet story about Sharon as well and will definitely visit her blog. What a special gift to give you of a painting of your cookies!

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