A Grandma’s Love

Grandma Susan reading Klaus the Mouse and other Silly Animal Tales to her grandchildren

A Grandma’s Love.

Grandma Susan (as her grandchildren fondly refer to her) is the kind of Grandma I aspire to be.

In fact…  she’s the kind of human being I aspire to be.

I met Susan through her oldest grandson, who was my youngest son’s “roomer” in college.

To know Susan is to love Susan.  Her joy for life, her positive attitude, her love for her family, her smile, the undeniable glow that radiates from her and touches everyone she encounters….  There is something very special about Susan, and I am so fortunate to call her my friend.

Without my even knowing, Susan purchased a copy of the book I announced authoring and illustrating about a month ago, Klaus the Mouse and other Silly Animal Tales.  When she received it, she gathered her grandchildren – now aged 13-27 (and even the spouses of those that are married now!), for a fun reading.  They happened to be gathering together for a bridal shower for one of her granddaughters, but they all took some time to sit down with Grandma Susan to listen to a few “silly stories.”

Can you believe how sweet this is?

You see, Susan is a retired school librarian and long-time lover of books and reading to children (and especially her grandchildren!).

I guess it really is true that Klaus the Mouse and other Silly Animal Tales is a book for children of all ages, and it’s been so fun hearing stories from folks who have purchased the book.

Susan’s granddaughter, Charrie, told me Adele the Gazelle was her favorite character.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your love, and for all your beautiful grands who gave permission for us to share.

I’m a new grandma, whose first granddaughter is not even a year old, but I hope I will be as loved and adored as Grandma Susan when my grand(s) are teenagers and married!

Cheers & Hugs,

52 thoughts on “A Grandma’s Love

  1. Klaus the Mouse and his friends are bringing joy everywhere they land! Grandma Susan is the person we all must strive to become. Reading to our children and grandchildren is a gift that one gives and receives. Cheers to you Jodi, for this gift that you have given and may you receive much in return. Thank-you for sharing this delightful story and photo.

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  2. Grandma Susan is what I think of as an inspiring woman … if we can captivate our children and grandchildren and give them fun, warm and special memories and a well rooted tree to cleave to then surely most of the battle is won for producing well-rounded, decent, kind and loving humans. Chapeau to Grandma Susan – and have no doubts, you don’t need to aspire … you ARE that kind of Granny yourself and one day that little dot of a grand-daughter will understand how fortunate she is 🌸

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  3. What a lovely story, Jodi! Grandma Susan’s the ultimate wonderful grandmother. Her grand(s) are so fortunate to have her in their lives. Your book will be a special treat for my great-grand(s) when they get a little older. Excited to meet the 2-month old babies this week on my trip to WA state. 🌷 Christine

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  4. Jodi, Congrats on the great comments about your children’s book. There is no doubt that you are and will continue be a wonderful mother and grandmother and will continue to be an inspiration to all your children and to your current and future grandchildren just like Susan! Luv Gary

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  5. Thanks for sharing this, Jodi! It is good to be reminded that people like Susan are around, and I’m so glad she is your friend. And isn’t it wonderful that your book is giving pleasure to so many people? I hope to read it to my grandson some day soon! (But I guess I should wait until he’s born…..)

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  6. l think that is most loving and funny photo of all the grans never too old for a good book. Like the book ” everything I ever learned of value I learned in kindergarten.” Charming. Your book is on my list too. Sweet advertising. Well deserved

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  7. This has to be one of my all time favorite photos and I don’t even know anyone in it. I love the look on their faces..all of them. What a great gift! What a very special person, someone you don’t know, but know you’d like to meet..:)

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