It’s All My Friends!

“It’s All My Friends!”

People author and illustrate and publish books for many reasons I’m sure.

Dreams of fame and fortune…
Checking off a bucket list item…
Creating a legacy…
Fulfilling a life-long dream…
Sharing an important story…

For many – it’s a passion.
Writing is like breathing.
It is something they just have to do.

I love to read.
I admire writers.
I admire artists and illustrators.

I never, however, really aspired to be an author…

Well – maybe it fleetingly crossed my mind from time to time…
Maybe a cookbook…
or an autobiography of sorts.

I definitely never considered I’d be an illustrator.
Heck – until about two years ago, I would have never
even dreamed I would share a stick figure I drew.

But then I discovered the joy of blogging
through the encouragement one of my sweet McHendy “daughters.”

And then I discovered watercolor art
through this wonderful blogging community.

With the encouragement of so many,
I shared my watercolor paintings.

I created some fun little animal characters
with silly rhyming stories to go with them.

One very special friend here at
began sharing my little animal characters and their stories with her grandson.

Three and a half year old Benjamin
became one of my greatest supporters and fans.

Benjamin would ask daily to hear stories from his grandma “Gem’s” computer,
along with those of his favorite books.

He even started asking for special characters,
which is how “Earl the Squirrel” came to be.

So with full permission from “Gem” and his Mom,
I am sharing this joyful photo of Benjamin with his copy of my first-ever
authored and illustrated book, “Klaus the Mouse – and other Silly Animal Tales.”

Per Gem, when Benjamin received his book,
he squealed with delight and laughter,
“My friends!Β  It’s all my friends!”

Could there be any greater joy…
any greater reason or purpose…
to author and illustrate a book?

The joy in those words…
The twinkle in those eyes…
The delight in that smile…
Those beautiful little hands holding the book.

Thank you Benjamin!
Thank you Ellen (aka “Gem'”)
for fulfilling a dream
I didn’t even know I had.

Because of you…
I visited the dentist yesterday,
and the receptionist said,
“I just saw your book!”

Because of you…
a friend told me he purchased my book for his 4-year old niece’s birthday.

Because of you…
my book is being shipped all the way to Ireland.

Because of you…
so many sweet friends have bought “Klaus the Mouse
for their children and grandchildren.

What a joy it is to share a little piece of me...
A little bit of my art…
A little bit of my writing.

Thank you Benjamin!
I can only imagine the impact you will have on the world in 20 or 30 years!

Cheers & Hugs,

If you would like to order a copy of “Klaus the Mouse and other Silly Animal Tales,”
you can do so by clicking here.

72 thoughts on “It’s All My Friends!

  1. What an amazing, darling photograph of a sweet young friend! I have noticed the comments which started coming from Benjamin! I liked how Ellen (“Gem”) shared her grandson’s thoughts. This is indeed why you write and paint, to bring Joy!! How special, Jodi! πŸ’•

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  2. What an awesome picture of little Benjamin. He is looking overjoyed and such a darling. Hearty congratulations, Jodi and may you make such lovely and lovable books for children. They are so beautiful and it is a pleasure to read to them, they so love them. You are awesome too Jodi. Thanks for the share.

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  3. OH sweet Jodi, the picture is darling! You nailed it in your poem about the reasons to publish a book! Yes, because writing is like breathing! Yes, to fulfill a dream, to leave a legacy and most importantly to bring the sparkle of joy to others! To give a gift that just keeps giving. Every time that someone needs a smile, all they need to do is open your book. How cool is that! πŸ™‚ Congratulations again my friend! ❀

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  4. Very beautiful story Jodi. It is so wonderful when you can discover inner talents you never knew you had and now enjoy what you are doing with those talents, especially when you see the impact that your lo lovely work has had upon others like Benjamin. Great job. Luv Gary

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  5. What a wonderful story Jodi! Benjamin is a adorable and his expression shows how much he loves your book. Your illustrations are lovely and your writing is so inspirational.

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  6. What a wonderful blog to honor little Benjamin! You are an inspiration everyday!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Thank you my sweet friend!!😘😘😘
    I am so blessed

    Sent from my iPhone

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  7. Oh,Jodi! I can barely see the computer screen through my tears of joy, of pride, and of love. I am so honored and humbled by your sweet words. That my darling Benjamin and I had a small part in your book gives me so much pleasure. It is your talent and perseverance that made this unknown dream become a reality. A little encouragement is a gift that should be given freely. Thank-you for this post…a gift that I will treasure!

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  8. I ordered 2 right away and they are sitting on my desk at my other house and it’s killing me! I asked my son to bring them when he comes this weekend so I can give one to my daughter for her birthday to read to her children! I can’t wait!! The other copy is for my son’s boys, and the oldest can actually read it to the youngest one, it’s going to be so sweet! They are all budding artists and will probably try copying your illustrations πŸ™‚

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  9. isn’t it wonderful what happens when you find the courage to share your creativity with the world? My copy of the book came yesterday, and it is wonderful! I am so proud of you for moving ahead with this project, and the art and words are so fantastic. I hope you know that you are inspiring others to follow their dreams….best of luck to you always, my friend! You are very special, and a gift to all of us who know you, even just through the “blog sphere!”

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  10. Hi Jodi! My name is Kristen, I’m Benjamin’s mom. This post has given me such delight to know that Benjamin inspired you to pursue a dream! Benjamin certainly does have quite the sparkle in his eye and his smile is contagious. He pushes me to be better every day and I’m just so beyond pleased that he could do the same for you!

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    • Kristen!!! How lovely to hear from you! The mom of the most adorable little Benjamin!! Oh what a wonderful job you are doing Kristen. What a special little boy you have! I feel so fortunate to know him a bit. Thank you for allowing me to share him. I cannot wait to see what he grows up to become. Whatever it is, he is going to have a great and loving impact on the world. I just know it. He is special. And so is his grandma – your mom – so you must be too! Are you the baker? If you and your family are ever in the PA area, I hope we can meet up in person. Hugs !!


  11. Benjamin wants to say “Hi Jodi” and I wanted to share something from him too. When I read this post to Benjamin, I told him: “You are a star” but he said that he was “just Ben-ja-min” (which is how he always says his name). Yesterday after preschool, he told me that he was a “hero” and I said “yes, you are my hero”. He said “sorry Gem, I am Jodi’s hero and Jodi is my hero”. You are now notified per Benjamin’s request this morning… you are both heroes! What more could one desire?

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