Happy Halloweeny!

Halloween Watercolor Pumpkin by Moonlight 8×10 140lb Cold Press

Happy Halloweeny!

Spooky, Screamy,
Orange and Greeny.

Funny, Silly,
Brisk and Chilly.

Trick or Treaty,
Sticky and Sweety.

Bats and Boo-ey,
Happy Halloweeny!


Cheers & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “Happy Halloweeny!

  1. Benjamin is positively screeching with joy…”My Jodi sent a pumpkin for me!” He spied the little spider and loves him too. I encouraged the spirit of sharing “his” pumpkin with all of your followers. Somewhat reluctantly, he has agreed to share. Benjamin, like his Gem, has never met a pumpkin he does not love! This watercolor would be awesome matted and framed. Thank-you for “our” pumpkin. Benjamin also wants to say “Happy Halloween” and “Trick or Treat” too (he been practicing saying this all month)!

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  2. I love the painting of the jack-o-lantern, because it captures what I think Halloween should be: fun, with just a tiny bit of scary thrown in. I hate how many decorations feature blood, gore, cemeteries, etc. There is nothing fun about any of that… And I still think Halloween should be fun!

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