In Time – Seasons of Change

Frozen Stream - Backyard - Mars, PA  - January 2018

Frozen Stream – Backyard – Mars, PA – January 2018

In Time – Seasons of Change.

Isn’t it so comforting?
Doesn’t it fill you with hope?

To know…
that the brittle frozen stream

will once again flow
with soft warm life…

in time.

Seasons of Change.

Cheers & Hugs,

54 thoughts on “In Time – Seasons of Change

  1. It is what I love about changing seasons, that knowledge that nothing is permanent, that nature will continue to chime like a well-wound clock and that there is purpose to it all …. and when it is freezing that it will warm up and the streams will babble and sing once more. Such a love picture, such a lovely post.

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  2. With all the ups and downs of everyday life it’s good to know that some things in life are constant and totally reliable – the sun will rise tomorrow, spring will come…. and, yes, it does fill me with hope, it is comforting. Lovely post Jodi!

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  3. Beautiful photo and thoughts, as always! “WE” are experiencing a season of change at my house too! Upon Benjamin’s return from preschool today, as usual, I inquired how his day went. He said it was good but “I’m don’t need school now” and of course I asked why. “Well Gem, I know the alphabet and numbers. I know shapes and colors. I use my crayons and markers on paper, not on walls. I can use scissors and sometimes I color in the lines. I have lots of books too.” I asked if he would miss recess, “What is recess Gem?” Well that’s when you play with the boys and girls in the classroom or on the playground, won’t you miss that? asked a hopeful Gem. “I could just go for recess, okay?” But Benjamin, I persisted, don’t you want to learn more than you know right now? “Yes Gem, I need a computer in my room!” The complete edification of Gem by a 4 yr. old! I decided that this is Mommy and Daddy territory. Thank-you!

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  4. Jodi, I took a creek photo which so looks like this one, just maybe more trees in my photo! When I post it I will refer to you as my “twin” fellow blogger! Seriously, wasn’t it roses that had me doing this once before?
    Hugs to you for your positive thoughts in Spring renewing the stream in your back yard.

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