A Watercolor Sunflower – Painting Warmth

Sunflower Watercolor 11x14 140 lb cold press 012018

Sunflower Watercolor 11×14 140 lb cold press 012018

A Watercolor Sunflower – Painting Warmth.

I found a little time this busy weekend
to escape to my art room
and splash a little paint…

to create some warmth
amidst the bitter chill
that is our weather right now…

inspired by my birthday bouquet
and the need to
create art.

Cheers & Hugs,


This watercolor painting – original, prints, and cards – is available at McKinneyX2Designs ETSY Shop

66 thoughts on “A Watercolor Sunflower – Painting Warmth

  1. You have captured the pure beauty of a Sunflower with your increasingly talented hand.This splendiferous Sunflower would be lovely on note cards, were someone inclined to do so…hint! Who can not be cheered by a Sunflower!?! Thank-you!

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  2. Hello and Hugs from Benjamin! He wants you to know that he “loves the humongous Sunflower with all the teensy flowers in the middle!” (I’ve taught him well). He also says “tell my Jodi that I am 4 years old now, not 3 1/2 years old, and I am bigger too.” A bigger smeary kiss was placed on the humongous Sunflower! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Hello my Benjamin! Thank you so much for the kiss! And Happy Birthday you big 4 year old boy! Wowwee! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I know you are going to have a great year being 4! What are you looking forward to doing most as a 4-year old?


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