A Winter Warbler Watercolor

Yellow (rumped) Warbler in Winter Watercolor 11×14 140 lb cold press

A Winter Warbler Watercolor

I was looking at some beautiful photos on Mike Powell’s Photography Blog the other day of a fluffy little yellow-rumped warbler he spotted eating berries in the frigid winter weather at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Reserve in Virginia this month.

He was so cute, I asked Mike if I could paint one of his photos.  He kindly obliged.  My watercolor doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the bird or the magnificent shot Mike caught, but it was fun to do.  It’s been a while since I painted a bird.  And this little guy had his fluffiest coat on in the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing in the Northeast part of the United States lately, which made him just too irresistible for me to resist.

Thanks for giving me a shot at him Mike, and I hope you all might find some time to  check out Mike’s lovely photography blog.   And if you really love bird photos, you must also check out Kathy’s blog at Backyard Bird Nerd.  Kathy has the best backyard birds I’ve ever seen.  She claims one of her secrets is the bark butter.  I think every bird on the planet would like to live in Kathy’s backyard!


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56 thoughts on “A Winter Warbler Watercolor

  1. I am totally in awe of folks like you Jodi who have artistic talent. I love what you did with my fluffy warbler. I don’t know enough about water color painting to even begin to understand how you are able to paint details so well and the background you created is wonderful. Thanks for the link to my blog. It was a wonderful surprise this morning to see your posting–what a great way to start the day.

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  2. Reblogged this on Mike Powell and commented:
    One of my fellow bloggers, Jodi of The Creative Life In Between, saw a recent photo I took of a Yellow-rumped Warbler and asked if I minded if she used it for inspiration for a painting. Check out the wonderful watercolor she painted and the other cool postings on her blog.


    • haha – I love that you call them butter butts! And how funny that you posted some yesterday, which I saw after I already had this one done! I almost gave you a hint in my comment to your post yesterday – LOL!

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  3. Love how fluffy the bird is. Wonderful job! Will have to check out those other blogs you listed. Love photography and love birds! My parents always had bird feeders in our backyard and a bird book handy to help identify the birds that would come .

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  4. Benjamin was so excited to see “my Jodi’s picture” on Mike’s blog post this morning! I had wandered into his blog awhile ago, as so often happens…and stayed. Benjamin enjoys all of his photos and often we will check Wikipedia for more information, a great learning experience. We are going to visit Kathy’s blog too. Benjamin and I agree that your Warbler is fantabulous! Your talent with a brush just grows and grows. Thank-you!!

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