Orange – again and again and again

Loose Orange Floral Watercolor in Bowl – 11×14

Orange – again and again and again.

So it turns out orange is the favorite color of two favorite people I know who are getting married this summer.

So I’ve been playing around with painting some orange flowers that could or maybe not be backgrounds or parts of a wedding invitation.

The first painting was a super fun tutorial by another favorite of mine:  Andrew Geeson.  He did his in pinks and reds, but I did oranges.

This middle one was just pure fun and joy.  Something that could be covered up partially with a piece of paper square in the middle or on a diagonal with wedding detail/information on.

Bright Orange Abstract Tulip Background Watercolor 7 x 11

This last one is kind of my favorite.  I feel like I just got lucky with how it turned out, and it is actually on the back of another practice piece, but I thought it might be beautiful with words written on it as an invitation.

Soft Abstract Orange Flower Watercolor 7 x 10.5

Just some fun experiments with the joyful color of ORANGE!

Have a great day!

Cheers & Hugs,


80 thoughts on “Orange – again and again and again

  1. Jodi these are simply happy on a PLATE – just adorable. I am more and more convinced that I must commission some work from you when I get across to you know where my stop secret next step is 😉 xx

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  2. All are beautiful! My fave is #2, but lets us know what the happy couples choose.
    By the way, I did Andys painting also, using opera pink and my new colors Mayan red, Bordeaux, Mayan Blue along with some older colors. Good job on all 3 paintings.

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      • I thought you might love that cascade green it is wonderful. I will figure out how to email mine to you. When I saw your painting, I feel like we are taking a class together. I put your city in my weather WOW are you cold. Happy president holiday


  3. The little lover of orange LOVES all of these paintings. #1 – “Gem, it’s your Valentine’s flowers!” and it does look almost exactly like the arrangement that my Son sent to me, right down to the bowl. #2 – “They look just like your tulips.” and they absolutely do! #3 – “I love the humongous orange flower best-est!” and I love all three the best-est! I don’t know how your friends will choose just one, each would make a magnificent invitation. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful talent!

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  4. Jodi, those are all wonderful! I agree with you that the third is the best to be used as part of the invitation, but as stand-alone pieces, I like the first the best. Not sure why…I don’t know nearly enough about art to offer an educated opinion. But I love it just the same!

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