I Need to at Least do Something

I Need to at Least do Something.

Like so many
of you
my heart
has been heavy.

Heavy with grief
for the families
who have
lost a child.

A child whose life
was stolen
from the devastating act of violence
that has so sadly become commonplace.

A life
taken away
in the blink of a moment…
in the shot of a gun.

An innocent young life
with a future stolen
in an event that has become
too commonplace.

A young person
of the privilege
of growing old.

A mother’s heart shattered,
A fathers’ soul shook,
A grandparent
left horrified.

What can we do?

We all ask the question.

So let’s make it our goal –
our contribution
to life…
our demonstration of love.

Let’s do
at least
small thing.

Maybe a hug
or maybe
a shared

of how
it felt
to be
that one.

I once was
that one –
without a friend.

But I

And there
is so much
to life

Once we
get through
those difficult

we think
it is all
that matters.

Let’s tell
our stories.
Let’s share
our anguish.

And then
let’s share our joy.
Let’s share
our happiness.

Life is
so much more
than a
teenager believes.

They just
don’t know it
at the

But we can tell  them
there is hope
and there
is a future

more matters
than what
a friend thinks.

Let’s teach
our children
the value
of life.

Let’s teach
our children
they are worthy
of love.

Is it enough?
I really don’t know.
But it is something
I can do.

And I need
to do something.
I need to at least
do something.



59 thoughts on “I Need to at Least do Something

  1. Jodi, You have DONE SOMETHING! Just by sharing your wonderful thoughts of love and awareness to remind us to embrace one other and to share kindness to others at a time when we once again learn of yet another horrific act inflicted by an individial upon so many innocent people for no reason. WHEN WILL ALL THESE SENCELESS ACTS OF VIOLENCE CEASE! Luv Gary

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    • What is happening to us Gary? You were in the military. Do you believe civilians should be able to own military assault weapons? I see no logical purpose. My husband is a hunter and owns guns, but automatic assault weapons – NEVER! And to let an 18 year old, whose brain isn’t even full developed (especially the logic lobe) to be able to purchase is just unfathomable. I know people will say if we make them illegal, people will still get them, but is that a good reason to make it easier?! I don’t think!

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    • We must as if our children and grandchildren’s lives depend on it – as it does. As I’ve responded to others – I just cannot understand why we have ever allowed military assault weapons to be legal for civilians to own. There is just no logical reason. Their purpose is only for killing masses of people. And to allow 18 year olds – let alone any age person – to purchase them is just beyond my comprehension.

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    • Absolutely! I see no logical purpose for military assault weapons being legal. WHY? The only purpose they serve is to kill a large mass of people. There is no reason for an 18 year old – or any age person – to own such a thing!

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  2. Thank you Jodi … this is absolutely exactly what needs to be said. For all the grief, for all the pain, for all the horror we must must must join hands, join hearts and do the little things that count so big. Smile, hug, stop and talk and SHOW pained souls going through the sometimes incalculably hard process of transitioning from child to adult that they ARE loved that they DO matter. All we need is our eyes open, our hearts open and our love free to share. Take good care my dear, sweet loving friend x

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    • Yes -it is such a difficult time for so many. I remember. And it was a loooong time ago. But I can conjure those feelings up like they were yesterday. And if I can still feel it, you know it is difficult. I had tough times as a teen. But military assault weapons were not legal or available at that time. Why oh why do we allow that? There is no logical purpose.


    • We must cling to hope, and we must try to express it to these teenagers. I hate the thoughts of my grandchildren growing up in a world that has to have drills to prepare for mass shootings. Why military assault weapons are legal in the U.S. and available for 18 year olds to buy is so beyond my comprehension….

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    • I want to do more. I want to do something important. But for now – I will just hug and love the kids I know or meet or encounter and talk to them and tell them life is not like high school. High school is such a hard time for so many.


  3. A hug is very much what lost children/ young adults needs and I think it’s something profound. As you say that even yourself, you had low times. I read that both women and men live longer with hugs, instant endorphins and happiness (serotonin) w/o the calories 🙂 I think love, respect, showing youth they have value, leading them towards the right activities helps a lot. But depending on the mass shooting, it’s the mentally ill who also need more help at any age. They and the youth, need a support network, places they can turn for help, and hugs too. I will take your hug, it means a great deal in this world to have one.

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    • I was talking to a girl yesterday who is a senior in high school. She moved in her Junior year to the school I graduated from (many years earlier obviously), but with the same scariness of moving into a big new high school in an affluent area. You see I was moved in the middle of 9th grade. My biggest concern and fear was lunch time. Who do I sit with? Sounds a bit silly as an adult. But not knowing anyone and seeing all the groups was so intimidating. She mentioned she had a great counselor that put the new kids together at a lunch table and checked on them. She told me they have drills to prepare for shootings. I hugged her, and I told her life is not like high school. I believe she is going to be ok. High school is such a difficult time for so many. I wouldn’t want to go back.

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      • I agree Jodi, I wouldn’t want to go back either. Girls are mean and guys can have many altercations as well. At least if they fight it’s usually done. I always found the girls much worse. I’m glad this girl you met has a great counselor to help her and you. I have read about JR and her kids, she told me about the drills they do for shooters. My Mom also works a University campus and they have been doing these shooter drills
        For years now, with both fireman and police there to help practice. It’s a terrible but necessary fact of life so students, prof (teachers), and staff know how to react. I’m glad you were able to talk to her and reassure her. The everyday parts of high school are hard enough w/o other fears. Plus, there is that whole having to keep up with trends, fashion, brands, phones, people considered popular etc. in more affluent high schools. You’ll have to tell me if that was your experience? My high school was private but that was very much something difficult, even wearing uniforms most days. As you say thank goodness those days are gone. Cheers! Have a great week.

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      • Young girls can be so mean – huh? We’ve created it by the pressures we put on our girls to be skinny and pretty and popular. Oh it is a vicious cycle this thing we can life. All we can do is our best. Glad you made it through too! ❤

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    • Oh C! I heard about the 9th grade boy who blocked the door to save his classmates and was shot in the legs. What a hero! Amazing that a 14/15 year old boy could be so brave and thoughtful and protective of his classmates. People like him amaze me! Most of us run away. Then there are those that run in to do something. I wish I was that brave. My hubby is like that. They are a rare breed.

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      • OH yes, talk about a touching story!!
        Kudos to your hubby for having a brave soul and you know what you may find that your braver than you think in a situation like that but I pray that you never have to find out!!

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      • I wish I could say or even think I would be so brave, but I know I am not – sadly. I run away out of fear….. I so admire those that run in and help. They really are a rare breed. I know as I married one. Sometimes I’ve even been upset when he’s left me to serve the greater good – but at the same time I admire him for it. ❤


  4. It´s really so sad what happened! And what an awful thing to go to school everyday with maybe a strange feeling. To let your child go to school never knowing… For people here in Europe this American situation is completely unbelievable… It´s like being afraid of a terroristic attack, but it affects your everyday life, the life of your children in a tragic way. So sorry! 😢

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  5. Jodi, thanks so much for this post. It is exactly what I need to read. For too many people, the only response to this horrific event has been yelling at each other about gun control. My personal belief is that assault weapons should be banned, (there’s no reason for a civilian to have one) but I also believe that a ban is only the first step.
    We also have to address why a young person decides to kill their peers, because if they really want to do that, they will, one way or another. We have to find a way to let everyone know they are valued, and to help them see the value in others. And that murder and/or suicide is never the answer. Thanks for a post that offers hope. I needed this today.

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