Iris I Could…

Blue Iris in Cascade Green Negative Watercolor 11x14

Blue Iris in Cascade Green Negative Watercolor 11×14

Iris I Could…

Iris I could make one unhappy person smile today.
Iris I could remember punch lines to jokes to make one person laugh today.

Iris I could wave a magic wand that sprinkled happiness and joy.
Iris life was easier.

Iris each one reading this
finds one small moment to cherish today.

Iris you found humor and a bit of light-heartedness
in my silly pun.

Life can be difficult,
and we must help each other get through.


I painted this Iris this weekend.
It was my fifth try!
I was trying to use a negative watercolor painting technique,
and I just had to use this amazing new color a friend here at TheCreativeLifeinBetween told me about – Daniel Smith Cascade Green.

I struggle with this technique, but I so wanted to create a background with this green color that fades and granulates into the most amazing blue with more water.  The green (and light blue) all around the iris are from that one color.  I splashed in a little new gamboge and a drop or two of orange and ultramarine to tie the background colors into the flower, but the background is mostly this mesmerizing cascade green.

The technique involves painting the background first around the shape of the object – creating the negative white space, where you then paint the object.  This is where I kept getting thrown off.  I’m not good at having outside lines to stay within!

Thanks to my friend, Dena, who visits here often and leaves such lovely comments, for this color recommendation.  I love when other artists or photographers or bakers or writers share tips and tools of the trade.

Iris you a wonderful day.

Cheers & Hugs,

My original painting is for sale at our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop.  It is also available in prints and greeting cards.

63 thoughts on “Iris I Could…

  1. Beautiful painting AND sentiments! Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning this was your fifth try at getting your Iris the way you wanted it. It’s a lesson to me to keep trying and eventually beauty will come! You’re the best! Iris you a wonderful day!

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  2. You know I LOVE your purple Iris that I have in my living room so I get to look at your beautiful artwork EVERY DAY! I feel so blessed to know YOU! Iris you knew how much you make a difference in my life by being you! 💜🌼xo

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