71 thoughts on “What do YOU see?

  1. I just like result of your abstract art. Maybe because it is still a bit early and my creative mind is not fully functioning, I simply am at a loss. Maybe a pair of birds or angels spreading their wings?

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  2. I see the flames of many candles lighting up the darkness! This is probably because of coming out of the power outage this morning since Friday’s Winter Storm Riley visited. I have a much deeper respect for the pioneers that lived before electricity brightened our lives. Reading by candlelight is not easy, wearing gloves and layers of clothing to keep warm is not fun, knowing your freezer is defrosting and refrigerator warming is stressful (especially if you just did the weekly shopping), worrying about your family in the same situation is upsetting and no internet access is annoying…and yet, surviving without a major disaster that so many others experienced puts it all in perspective. Just like your painting… the light shines through the darkness, if we look! Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen – I am sorry you had to go through that, but glad it was not worse! The Noreaster avoided us. I love what the painting meant to you under your current circumstances though. Thank you for sharing that! Be warm and full of light today my friend! Hugs from Mars!


  3. I love this type of painting that you do, Jodi. The more you look at it, the more images appear. And I’m always seeing faces and things – there’s an owl just below the centre. But to me, the more I looked, the more the colours danced around each other. It has a galactic feel as well, which is always good! πŸ˜€

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  4. I just see beauty. Sometimes abstracts remind me of something specific, but sometimes I enjoy them just the way they are, without assigning anything else to them. And in this case, that is exactly what happened.

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