Finding Your Own Path

Finding Your Own Path.

Your life will…
find its own paths…

and that they may be good, rich, and wide
is what I wish for you,
more than I can say.

It seems to me
that everything has its proper emphasis…

keep growing,
silently and earnestly,
through your whole development;

you couldn’t disturb it any more violently
than by looking outside

and waiting for outside answers
to questions that only your innermost feeling, in your quietest hour,
can perhaps answer.

-Rilke – Letters to a Young Poet

Stay true to your path.
Be confident in the deepest secrets of your soul
that make you… You.

Just like
make me… Me.

Cheers & Hugs,

My art of late has taken a different twist as I have been so greatly influenced by the on-line art class I recently took by Lendon NoeInspired by Lives and Letters.  Although the class is over, I am not ready to let go of the lessons it is teaching me – the lessons about myself and my feelings.  And this mixed media collage is a letter to my soul – written in the form of art.  It is a conversation between heart and soul.  I have no idea if it will mean anything to you, but this is for me, and I am so grateful for the venue to express it.

Products used for Mixed Media Collage:

Stonehedge Paper
Dr Ph Martin Ink
Ink-Dyed Tissue Paper
Photo on Velum Paper
Script Stamp
Stamp Seal Sealing Wax
Momento Ink Pad

57 thoughts on “Finding Your Own Path

    • Thank you Gary! I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but then nothing is – right? And the whole point of it is that it is “my” conversation 🙂 ❤ I sure do appreciate you!


  1. Oh, this is sooo AWESOME!! Love LOVE what you created here, Jodi!! 💙💙💙 Sorry I didn’t get to comment on it until now, busy day for me. I really like your colors and composition. I am in AWE!! Truthfully, my friend! 😊

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  2. It’s different but equally beautiful and I’ve always enjoyed your poems…you’re very inspiring…and that these words are exploring your inner feelings and heart means that much more to us who read it! Thanks for sharing yourself with us Jodi!! 😘😘

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  3. It´s beautiful, Jodi! And it means very much to me too. I posted a film about Mindy Alper yesterday (which by the way won an Oscar) and it also shows how art or expressing ones feelings in art can be not only helping us but even be life saving. Love your collage! And thank you for posting the words by Rilke to it! ❤️

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  5. I like this new path you are taking, Jodi! I think self-discovery and self-acceptance is so important to being truly happy. We have to acknowledge all our feelings, even the “bad” ones before we can every really find peace. You keep right on painting (and thanks for sharing the beautiful results, they speak so many of us)…..

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  6. I am not sure I understand how this collage was made – it’s so easy for the creative eye to try and guess what went in the making of a piece of art sometimes – but I so love it! So pretty…and inspiring!

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