Projecting Beauty

Projecting Beauty – 18×24 Acrylic Abstract on stretched canvas

Every baby is born beautiful.
It is what we project on them
that makes them ugly.

-Ruth in Small Great Things

Sharing this quote today from the book I’m reading that I mentioned yesterday –Small Great Things By Jodi Picoult.

The quote is spoken by a labor and delivery nurse, Ruth, talking about the most beautiful baby she has ever seen born.  The baby was born with severe birth defects that led to him not having a face.  A small mouth with one tooth was in the place of where an ear should have been and the face was just a mass of skin.  A student nurse screamed upon seeing him.  Ruth shared how she would never forget the transformation that occurred as a result of the love the mother, and eventually the father, projected onto this sweet baby for the short time they were blessed with his presence on earth.  The love in their eyes saw his beauty.  The love they projected on this baby made him beautiful.

This really spoke to me.  Of course there is the old adage that beauty is only skin deep, but isn’t it so true?  I have known people who were absolutely flawlessly attractive in physical appearance, but had such ugly hearts and souls that it blinded the beauty.  I also know people that aren’t necessarily physically attractive, but beauty just shines from them.  The beauty that is deep within their being. It just consumes the space that surrounds them.  And when you look at them, all you see is that beauty.

As parents (and grandparents), we have the power to project this beauty on our children.  We have the responsibility to teach them they are beautiful – not because of the color of their hair or skin or the shape of their bodies or the unique intricacies of their personal appearances… They are beautiful because they are loved for just exactly who they are.

Let us love our children by projecting beauty on them.  Let us teach our children to project beauty.

Cheers & Hugs,

This painting is quite a diversion from my usual watercolor art.  I worked on it for a few days as a special housewarming gift for my oldest son and daughter-in-law, who just moved into their new home.  This abstract acrylic was inspired by the beautiful work of Osnad Tzadok.  I did it using a palette knife, paper towels, a spray bottle of water, and a brush for a few strokes.  All paint by Golden.  I may just want to stretch and try some more of this type of work.

I’m calling this painting “Projecting Beauty.”

37 thoughts on “Projecting Beauty

  1. I can never quite understand why so many of us get caught up in commerce’s perception of beauty, and totally buy (literally!) into it. Somebody once said “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and there so many examples of that.
    What is more beautiful, a John Constable landscape oil painting … or a Picasso portrait?
    What is more beautiful to listen to, a classical piece played on a violin, or a modern piece on a distorted electric guitar?
    There are no definitive answers as it really is a personal choice.
    We should perhaps remember that, when we see teeth that are not gleaming bleached white; when we’re carrying some additional body weight; when we have surgery marks/scars that are visible to everybody, and particularly when we meet somebody who clearly has challenges due to mental and/or physical issues.
    Which is the most beautiful flower? Orchid? Rose? Dandelion? Daisy?
    Everything is beautiful to somebody. We really should remember and respect that. I have my own personal perspectives of beauty, and I know that you have yours. Mutual respect for our differences simply becomes a matter of understanding … and acknowledging how diverse we humans are.

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  2. this is a beautiful quote and i loved that book as well. i always think of how the kinders i work and play with treat others. all are welcomed in, no matter what they look like, how they speak or what they do, as long as they are kind.

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      • I believe “When?” is during our developing years, and “Why?” is because it is displayed to us.

        It is my understanding that our perception of the world is solidly based on our parents perspectives, simply because that is what we were predominantly exposed to during our early years. Any changes from then would be triggered only by significant emotional events.

        Most of us raise our children the way that we were raised (what else do we know?), with perhaps some tweaking based on what we did not like when growing up.

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  3. Jodi, I just bought that book and can’t wait to read it. So true, all babies are gorgeous. Now that I have granddaughters, I love to play with them, listen to them and appreciate all that they are. To me, they are heart-breakingly beautiful, so amazing, so smart, so absolutely wonderful. I want them always to feel how special they are, and how much joy they bring to the world.

    Thank you for this wonderful post today.

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  4. OH girl you are choking me up this morning! Your post is so true and so beautiful, and so are you! Wonderful post and Cheers to you for branching out and trying something different as far as painting goes. I will admit I was a little confused when I looked at it for I was like what am I not seeing, what is this supposed to be? LOL! But then I realized it was an abstract picture and I saw a deep blue lake in it. 🙂 The beauty came through.

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  5. Good Morning Jodi, what a touching story of love and beauty. Beauty comes to us in many unexpected ways. Your painting is striking. I’m happy to see you are taking some bold steps from your comfort zone. You have opened the door to unlimited color and possibilities, no going back now! 🙂

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  6. Oh, I’m so excited to see your painting today, Jodi!! WHOOT!! 🎨👍 How FABulous you are experimenting with acrylics! Isn’t it fun to play with a palette knife?! Your colors are beautiful! What a wonderful gift to share with your family. 💙😍
    Your book sounds thought provoking. I have always wondered why others who may not be pretty on the outside seem to not notice because they feel beautiful on the inside… When I have never really felt beautiful on the outside, probably because my parents projected this on me?

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  7. Wow, you brought on some heavy stuff today! Your words are eloquent and meaningful. Your painting totally new side of you. Beautiful. I looked up your artist Osnad, her paintings are textural and beautiful, colorful…..her painting called the “Reef” has a similar look or feel to yours ” Projecting Beauty”. Dont know if that was your inspiration, but nicely done in any event. I saw her painting ” Visual Thoughts” and that to me is you! Organized, loose, colorful, and so much more. But even the title reminded me of you. I think you see the world like that, in vivid color, soft and out of focus, but compartmentalized & organized, but room to color outside the lines. Beautiful present for your son & new daughter, great way to introduce a subject, not commonly spoken about. Hope you have a good week. …. I’ll be thinking of you, Dena

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    • Yes. My son and daughter in law loved that color scheme when we were searching for ideas. I love the one you chose to represent me. So so beautiful. Thank you for the time you take to visit and engage dear Friend.

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  8. I just adore this quote …. it speaks straight to my heart and expresses absolutely my own feelings – I just wish everyone would feel the same way. After reading your prose, Jodi no-one can fail to be moved and your painting is a great expression of what you are expounding. Here’s to real beauty – the beauty we ARE all born with that can only be spoiled by ugly feelings 🥂 💕

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  9. Benjamin says :”WOW, My Jodi can paint just like me!” Now, if that’s not a fantabulous endorsement for this style, I don’t know what is. The toddler art critic and I talked about how you are exploring new ways to utilize your talent. I really enjoyed this post and everyone’s comments too. It brought to mind this quote : “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Mandela. Thank-you! P.S. Benjamin sees a “little face” in the lower left quarter of the painting!

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  10. I love the abstract painting Jodi (keep pushing yourself, the results are worth it) and I also loved the message of this post. We do need to see our children and grandchildren as beautiful, and to let them know that is exactly how we see them. Because they are, and it is our job to help them discover that!

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