51 thoughts on “Fuzzy

  1. Benjamin is ecstatic : “My Jodi came back! I was so woweed (worried) about you!” He loves the fuzzy Cattail. After enlarging the photo, we talked about how the little seeds will fly all over and grow into new plants. Just like the Dandelions he adores in Gem’s yard. We are going to search for some Cattails that grow nearby. Fuzziness tends to be more prevalent in my life these days, a blessing of retirement. Rules become more fuzzy and flexible. Such as… when Little Mr. decides that Cracker Barrel Gouda cheese is the perfect breakfast and oatmeal is a better lunch. Thank-you x 2!!


  2. Wow you grow large cat tails in Mars. Funny when I was 7ish. yrs old my grandmother & aunt used to go hunting for cat tails, pompos grass which looks like large feathers and manzaneta branches & another branch with tiny buds that reminded me of cotton the size of que tips heads. (May have been cherry blossoms buds) We had a huge floor vase that had a bouquet of these things in our living room. I guess it was a decorator thing in the early 60’s. I just remember enjoying the hunt for these things in the fields. Like a treasure hunt. It tooks us several trips to collect it all. Sometimes we would be on our way to some other place and she would spot manzinita bush or a cattails & we have to stop right then and go for the hunt. Funny hadnt thought of that in years until I saw your cat tails, but of course my memory is a bit Fuzzy on the details…..

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