Favorite Smells

Favorite Smells.

Dew kissed lilacs, hyacinths, and honeysuckle.
Baking bread, popping popcorn,  and sizzling bacon.
Freshly mown grass, bed sheets hung out to dry, and rain.
Babies’ bellies, toes, and shampooed hair.
Strong coffee, brand new books,  and the salty ocean.

Yesterday I took a little time to “art” on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Drawing and sketching is not my strength at all, but I felt like doing it,
so I sketched a  bottle of my favorite fragrance.

I then splashed on a little water and yellow ochre watercolor paint
as I gear up for World Watercolor Month in July.

Can anyone guess what my favorite fragrance is?

Hope your day is full of favorites.

Cheers & Hugs,



65 thoughts on “Favorite Smells

  1. “Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.” – Helen Keller. A lovely rendition of a Juicy Couture bottle! Your talented fingers can draw and sketch beautifully. Thank-you!

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  2. Because of the two dogs on the logo and your dog my first thought was Charlie. Remember that oldie?

    I’m sure this isn’t that, but thought I’d share my thought with you anyway.

    Love the drawing!

    I have been doing little sketches for the last two nights as well thinking about World Watercolor Month.
    I’m planning to join in; probably not all month, but a few times at least!

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    • I do remember that scent and their commercials – LOL ! But it is Juicy Couture, and I’m not even sure why they have dogs on the bottle, but I’m super surprised you could even tell they were dogs! WOOHOO!


  3. Simply elegant. Your painting is phenomenal, Jodi! Your favorite fragrance must be a floral. Since there are SO many brands that is as much as I know. Lilacs and Peonies …. aroma of Heaven IMO. 🌸🌸🌸

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  4. Your post today reminded me that when we used to pick up our dear cat (sadly long gone) from the vet, she always smelled wonderful. We finally asked what it was that made her so fragrant after a visit to the doctor. The reply: “Kennel No. 5” I think you have designed the bottle. Don’t know about you, Jodi, but today my preferred fragrance is coffee.

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  5. I enjoyed your post today, Jodi! 🌸🌼🌷 I don’t know the fragrance but I love seeing you trying your “hand” at sketching! I think sketching is like learning to bake a pie, it takes practice. 😃 Now I know you are an EXCELLENT pie maker so I hope you keep sketching… 🎨👍
    I’m not so good at pie making but I hope to make one or two this summer! 🍓🍑

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  6. Interesting artwork Jodi. Like the sketching with the water-color backdrop. Have no idea what the fragrance is. Not that savvy in the area. Speaking of areas…..are you flooded out these days? I know there were a lot of flooding issues occurring around Pittsburg I think? Hope all is okay in the Mars area.

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  7. Beautiful. Me? I like garlic lightly sautéing in oil for just a few seconds, onions sautéing in butter, the smell of my house when I use Indian spices, freesias, puppy breath, sandalwood, and just about any Tom Ford perfume except for the floral ones.

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  8. I read the other comments so I can’t fairly guess on your favorite perfume! But I love honeysuckle, freshly-baked pumpkin pie, lilac, newly-mown grass, and (oddly enough) moth balls. They remind me of my grandmother’s house!

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