A Bucketful of Love

“Bucketful of Love” Watercolor 11×14

A Bucketful of Love.

How much love can a bucket hold?

When it’s holding a little girl, who happens to be your granddaughter, it is definitely overflowing!

Last weekend, I was “helping” one of my daughters-in-law and her sisters get ready for the upcoming wedding of one of the sisters.

As we worked in the barn where the reception will be held on a sweltering hot day, I had the “job” of entertaining my granddaughter so the girls could work.

Once we found a couple buckets of water, we were busy for hours, made a huge mess, and had a bucketful of fun!

I am not a great portrait painter, and I didn’t do my little cutie justice, but it was fun to try, and since it’s #WorldWatercolorMonth, I thought I’d share.

Bucketsful of Cheers & Hugs,

42 thoughts on “A Bucketful of Love

    • thank you sharon. she is so much more beautiful than I was able to capture, but boy have we had fun the past few days while she stayed at our house while mommy and daddy were in the hospital with new baby sister. Oh how full my heart is! I can hardly stand it. πŸ™‚

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    • that is so sweet of you, but she is so much cuter than I was able to portray – and she became a big sister this week – which has brought a whole new level of joy and love to my life!!! ❀


      • I saw her picture on FB and she is beautiful! I think it is sweet that you tried to paint her. You did a pretty good job! What a blessing to have another little girl in your family! I’m excited for ya’ll!!

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    • Oh Gary – she is so much cuter than I painted her, but it was fun trying! She became a big sister this week, so we have been very busy and distracted. She was at our house for 2 1/2 of the best days of my life πŸ™‚ ❀ and then I took her home and got to hold her new little sister for hours this afternoon. My heart is so full. ❀


  1. The main thing in this case was that you and your grand-daughter were having barrels (buckets) of fun, while helping others to prepare for a wedding. The portrait shows how much fun you had fooling around with buckets. Best wishes! Peter

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