Hope is the Thing with Feathers…

Abstract Feather 1 – 11×14

Hope is the Thing with Feathers.

Do you think
every feather
is uniquely different?

Just like
and leaves on trees…
and blades of grass…
and grains of sand…
and people.

Abstract Feather 2 – 11×14

As I was playing around one day
with pouring paint
and creating feathers,
they sure were!

Abstract Feather 3 – 11×14

Instead of pouring on canvas,
I poured these abstract feathers
on 300lb cold press watercolor paper.

They are all so very different,
even though I used the same exact colors and same paper…
yet there is something I uniquely like about each.

There is something so magical about feathers…

What bird is it from?
Or did it perhaps fall
from the wings of an angel?

Hope is the thing
with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tunes
without the words,
and never stops at all.

– Emily Dickinson

Cheers & Hugs,


41 thoughts on “Hope is the Thing with Feathers…

  1. Upon seeing the first painting Benjamin immediately said : “Look Gem, that’s a feather from an Angel’s wing!” He listened quietly as I continued reading and moving down to each of the other feathers. Then I read the last part, Or did it perhaps fall from the wings of an angel? He looked at me and said : “See, I knew they were from an Angel.” He is very aware of Angels, as there are many all over my house. “For every fear that shakes your peace. For every night you feel alone. For every moment you lose a little hope. There is an angel who whispers – I AM HERE.” – Anna Taylor. There is a framed print of this that hangs on the wall above my bed. It has an Angel on a cloud at the top and feathers floating down around the words! Benjamin also wants me to tell “My Jodi, hello and the feathers are beautiful too.” I love the Emily Dickinson quote and the lovely feathers. Thank-you x 2!!

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  2. I love this Jodi. My first thought was a peacock feather, but also maybe from a cuckoo burro. Either way gorgeous and love the texture. I like the thick water color paper too for both texture and effect. It can be superior to a canvas. Also neat as you can cut your paper the size you want.

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  3. Haven’t been around (busy now). My inbox has 2,900 + but love the pouring feathers. Just saw a family of Quail in the yard 6 or 7 babies abount the size of baby chicks so cute running around the yard while parents patrol. Love the poem.

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  4. Those are beautiful feathers, Jodi! They are much nicer than any feather I ever found. But as a kid, we took the greatest joy in finding a feather on the ground, and trying to guess what kind of bird it came from. This post reminded me of that!

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