I Spy a Deer

I Spy a Deer.

This past weekend, I pondered a watercolor page I’d done one evening the week prior, where I simply brushed and splashed.

Sometimes that is all I want to do…  just wet a piece of paper, drop in some color, and let the magic happen.  It is a great stress reliever to unwind for me.

Then I carried it around on Saturday – – just having it in within sight in the room with me wherever I was while I went about other things around the house.

Before I could do anything more with it, we had a birthday party to go to, so I just let it simmer in my brain.

On Sunday morning, I couldn’t wait to wake up and paint.  At 6am, I hopped out of bed, poured a cup of coffee, and tip-toed up to my art studio while hubby and Charlie remained in bed.

I knew what I was going to do with it.   In the close-up below, can you see my inspiration?  I had contempleted a bird…..  I considered a lamb…   I almost decided on a giraffe.  Then I saw what I had to paint.  A deer!  A handsome buck was peering at me as clear as day.

Do you see it?  I started with the eye, then the nose, the ears and horns… just adding enough detail to allow the brain to fill in the rest.  It’s a bit inspired by the Jean Haines technique I so adore!

I love how it turned out!

So in addition to adding to our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop, I added it to our Society6 page as well, so I could see what it would look like on pillows and iPhone cases and all the other fun ways they convert art into products!

What will you spy in the things you come across today?  Keep your mind open, and you never know what you might find!

Cheers & Hugs,


78 thoughts on “I Spy a Deer

  1. When I saw this on Tuesday, I knew that Benjamin would love this deer painting. He is in all day preschool on Tuesday and Thursday since September. I nearly forgot to show him this yesterday, as we have been working on improving fine motor skills. His school sent a 15 page list of things to work on! I do not question, I simply do what I’m told…well, at least most of the time. I admit that I thought his fine motor skills were motoring along just fine. Imagine how unskilled he would be if not for the puzzles, painting, coloring and adventuring that we do?! Benjamin was delighted : “My Jodi painted Bambi all growed-up and he is watching the forest just like his Daddy did!” When I read the post and enlarged the photo of the first painting, Benjamin pointed to the far right and said : “There is Faline, hiding in the forest with Bambi.” It might be the power of his enthusiasm, but I think I see Bambi’s mate too. What an amazing process this was and a lovely completion. Thank-you x 2!!

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    • OH!! I see her too thanks to Benjamin!!! Oh what a treat it is to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. I bet you miss having Benjamin those two days. I’m sure all you are doing with him not only improves his fine motor skills, but his wonderful, magnificent outlook on life and nature and the arts and love!!! Hugs to you both!!


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