R is for Reflecting

R is for Reflecting.

I was recently commissioned through our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop to create a special “R” watercolor for a sweet young lady who wanted one for the center of a family gallery wall she was creating.

She requested the R be in shades of turquoise and blue and entwined with some pink roses.

This painting is 12×16, which she plans to mat and frame to 16×20.

The poignant and provoking thing about it is her last name is Rodgers (the reason for the “R” painting), and that is my birth/family name.

Those who have been following this blog for any length of time may recall me sharing the story of my “reunion” with my “birth” father, which occurred eight years ago, or the story of  the loss of my brother two years ago.  Two “Rodgers” men in my life.  So, for some reason, painting this “R” for a “Rodgers” family caused many reflections as I created it.

We all are who we are as a result of a compilation of our life experiences.  I am proud to be a “Rodgers,” and I was honored to create this special “R” for another young lady who shares a connection with me.  A connection I didn’t even mention to her.  But an experience I am reflecting on as I add it to my collection of events that shapes my life and who I am.

May you find time to Reflect and Reminisce about your life,  about the people you love, and about the experiences and events that have shaped your story.  May you Remember to be good to yourself and to be kind to others.  May this message Reassure you of your worth and your Relevance as a human being.

Rejoice in your Reflections.

Cherish the Moments.

Cheers & Hugs,

45 thoughts on “R is for Reflecting

  1. I have only met one Rodgers in my life and he was a wonderful guy. We had such a laugh during the time I worked with him back in UK. Lovely illustration. Be glad when I can unearth my watercolours. Under mountains of packing boxes at the moment. We are on the last push to get ourselves straight.

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  2. Hi Jodi, What a dear connection with your commission. We just never know how we will be connecting with others. Your R is beautifully designed, I hope you continue on with the alphabet. Have a wonderful Sunday with your family.

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  3. It’s a pretty painting, I’m sure she will love it and feel all the reflection and care you put on it. It’s funny how this world connects us and bring memories when they need to surface.


  4. Beautiful. Love turquoise & blue. Sweet. Love the magic of watercolor on textures, mottling, blending of transparent colors in the R. The last paragraph in your story is so beautiful, it should be printed. What a lovely thought to contemplate daily.

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  5. This is all so beautiful, the R and your words to it! Thank you so much, Jodi, for always being optimistic, motivating, and encouraging! You could collect all the things you wrote on your blog and make a book or calendar of it, I bet it would find its audience!❤️ Have a wonderful week, my friend!🎄

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