Fancy Sprinkles

Fancy Sprinkles.

I’ve mentioned before...  I kinda have a “thing” for sprinkles.

Well… what a SWEET surprise I came home to yesterday after an especially long day at the office to find a glittery, sparkly package in the mail pile with a sweet note from my bestie!

She has a knack for always knowing the right timing and just the right thing!

I’ve recently had a couple cookie fails in my attempts to try “something new” for Christmas cookies.


Yep – happens to all of us I guess.

One was with a “best ever” sugar cookie recipe a baking blogger claimed to have refined after many attempts to create the absolute best.

Well…. NOT!  At least for me.  I knew when I made the dough, it wasn’t right….

Take it from someone who bakes cookies almost every week.  You get a “feel” for it.

I told hubby the dough felt dry, and I didn’t think they were going to turn out.

I baked a batch, and yep…. DRY!  (Though hubby didn’t seem to mind spreading jam on them like biscuits and enjoying them.

For some reason, I just can’t seem to make sugar cut-out cookies.  Anybody else have a “best ever” recipe I should try?

So even though it was late, I just couldn’t resist whipping up a batch of Sprinkle Cookies from a recipe I knew was yummy with these special Fancy Sprinkles.

I made one batch with the beautiful blue and white “Frostbite” sprinkles that had  hearts and stars and pearls and blue metallic balls and another batch with the adorable red, brown, and white “Peppermint Hot Chocolate” sprinkles – complete with tiny gingerbread men and mini marshmallows!

And, ironically, earlier in the day, a coworker and I laughed about the love her 6-year old son has for sprinkles and how he chose the “sprinkliest” cake he could find for his “second” birthday cake this year.

If you’d like my recipe for Sprinkle Cookies, just click here.  They are fun and festive and delicious!  I added just a smidge less flour to this batch and flattened the dough balls just a bit before baking to make this batch a little chewier.   I like how they turned out.  You can always adjust the amount of flour a bit to make your cookies flatter or thicker.

Thanks for sprinkling me with your friendship and love, Jill!

Happy holiday baking friends!

Cheers & Hugs,

49 thoughts on “Fancy Sprinkles

  1. Jodi, please confirm for me what the American meaning of “biscuit” is. (My guess is what I call “scone” or perhaps “pikelet”). We use “biscuit” for what you call “cookie”. You say your hubbie put jam on the cookies like biscuits. Only about 20 mins ago I read about someone having biscuits and gravy as part of a larger cooked breakfast. Very confusing!

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    • Yes – we sure do have different meanings for “biscuits” Huh?? Ours are more like flaky rolls or buns. We serve breakfast sandwiches between them or eat them with butter and jam on them or many people especially love them smothered with sausage gravy. They are often light with many buttery layers if done right. I LOVE them 🙂

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  2. Jodie,
    A little “sprinkle” of love and friendship back to you! Thanks for sharing you love of fancy sprinkles. I too, like the 6 year old son of your co-worker always choose the cake or cookies with the largest quantity of vibrant sprinkles! They are the best!

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  3. Love your sprinkle story& those are prettiest ever, even shiny pearls, tiny glittery gold star too. I like drier cookies or used to so my recipes are all dryer & crispy, you’re a soft cookie lover so not too many of my recipes would work for you. In fact I’ve been known to take store bought Madelines & put them in a low oven to & crisp them up. Some are very cake like which are wonderful but if they get a bit stale still soft but not that delicate buttery flavor (few days later). Then in the oven we go. I rarely use sprinkles except for decoration at Christmas. Think it’s so lovely, when a friend does a small act of kindness, that Can Mean So Much. It is like Spearfruit said a sprinkle of love.

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    • I love that you love your cookies a certain way and you achieve it – no matter what it takes 🙂 These sprinkles are sooo beautiful and sooo fun! They surely sprinkled JOY on me! ❤ As did your note – like they always do! Thank you Dena my friend! Hugs from Mars!


  4. I just had to laugh when you wrote how your husband just spread jam on his cookie and ate it. Sounds exactly like my hubby. LOL I too LOVE sprinkles and always each Christmas deliberately chose to eat the sugar cookies with the sprinkles. YUM!! Good luck with those cutouts. They can be tricky! 💖

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  5. Fun sprinkles! I never have luck with any sugar cookie outside of Better Homes and Gardens of Betty Crocker. I always go back to the basics with items like that.
    Perhaps the weather played a part? I have had cookies fail from the rain or the aridness of the weather

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  6. When I saw this post last Thursday, I was reminded of how much Benjamin loves sprinkles and how much fun we had making these after your post months ago. I forgot to add sprinkles to my shopping list, so I did not show him this post on Friday. Mommy and he made sugar cookies with sprinkles on top over the weekend, but he told her that he wanted sprinkles in them. When she told me that on Monday, I knew what he meant. I made a special trip for sprinkles yesterday and this afternoon we made Sprinkle Cookies with red & green sprinkles : “Just like My Jodi makes them!” Little Mister is right here to be sure that I : “Tell My Jodi that these are the bestest cookies ever! Namaste!” Thank-you x 2!!

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