Lily the Llama

Lily the Llama.

Lily the lovely La La Llama
lived in a posh resort down south in the Bahamas.

There were not many llamas
that lived in the Bahamas.

But Lily, the queen of drama,
never did see the prob-llama.

She lounged in her pajamas
that were purple with polka-dottas,

and liked to sing sonatas
like Hakuna Matata.

With a floral headband she wore all the time-a
she quickly became part of the local fauna.

It sure was fun for a lovely llama
to live in the Bahamas.

It made a nice vacation for her Dad and for her Momma,
and even for her Grandpa and her beloved, silly Grandmomma.

Cheers & Hugs,


47 thoughts on “Lily the Llama

  1. I was saving this post for Benjamin to open today, but yesterday I had to sneak a peek. When Benjamin saw the email, he knew right away that it had been opened because the little blue dot before your blog name was missing…he is way ahead of me! “Gem, you opened My Jodi’s letter to me, it was an accident right?” Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place, I had to confess that I had opened what he considers his mail. You see there is my mail, Benjamin’s mail, and our mail. My Jodi’s mail belongs to him, although he shares it with me as he can not read it alone. After reading the adorable Lily the Llama’s poem to him, Benjamin said : “Lily looks like she is ready to give me a big kiss, she’s so cute!” He then added : “Someday I will draw and paint awesome, just like My Jodi.” Thank-you x 2!!

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