Life Lessons from the Old Porch Swing

Front Porch Swing – January, 2019

Life Lessons from the Old Porch Swing.

It’s not about what you look like on the outside…
even if you are rusty, weathered, and worn.

It is about what you are made of…
and what you do with it.

It is about how you connect.
It is about the purpose you serve.

It is about the joy you create.
It is the comfort you provide.

It is about the support you give.
It is the sacred secrets you protect.

It is about feeling the breeze.
It is embracing the squeaks.

It is about the experiences you create.
It is in the memories you cherish.

Cheers & Hugs,

54 thoughts on “Life Lessons from the Old Porch Swing

  1. If not for the beautiful things you paint and write the room would have been filled with blah and negativity last night as our couples group met for dinner. Instead it was full of love, laughter and creativity. Shine on Jodie on

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    • ❤️ Oh Wayne it must be you. You totally made my day. What a kind-hearted, fun-loving soul you are. So glad you are in my life. We will miss you for the next few months. Keep in touch. Love you. 😘


  2. A positively enchanting post, the benefits of a porch swing are incalcuable. Every porch deserves its own swing! This has been a week that has taken me from my childhood swing set (thank-you Colleen) to my Gram’s swing. That swing on the all season sunporch, the length of the house and enclosed with louvered glass windows, was Gram’s happy place. The ancient parkbench-size porch swing, constructed by my Great Uncle Dave with repurposed wood from the farm and suspended from the ceiling by thick ropes, was the site of some of my earliest memories with Gram. Gram and I, alone or with one or two other siblings, could snuggle amidst her handmade down feather pillows and pass many hours…snack filled quiet moments or talking, problem solving or purely pleasure, awake or napping. It was there that, by virtue of Gram’s tutoring, I learned to read at the age of five. Thank-you!

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  3. Wonderful poen, vision analogy. I love homes with big front porches, the kind where grandma worked on snapping green beans for dinner & other and indoor chores outside & while watching us kids play & waiving to other neighbors. Sometimes she’d sew or knit sometimes she & grandpa would just hold hands. We’d sidewalk skate, or play jax or pickup sticks. Lovely job on this one. Deserves a sign in your etsy shop. Love it.

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