Mason the Pickle-Loving Monkey

Mason the Monkey 11×14 Watercolor

Mason the Pickle-Loving Monkey.

Mason was a monkey that many considered fickle.
Instead of eating bananas, Mason loved a sour dill pickle.

He would often pay a nickel,
and sometimes even triple

for that tart, tangy prickle
of a pickle on pumpernickel.

On tasting leaves and seeds, he was truly noncommittal,
for his taste buds and his palate, they simply did not tickle.

He loved the pleasant pucker, and he would often stickle
over anything that was even remotely artificial.

Dilled cucumbers he claimed to be the official
absolute favorite and most nutritional.


Cheers & Hugs,

Mason the Pickle-Loving Monkey is another in a series of paintings and poems I am working on for a new children’s book.  This new book will be special because it is going to feature characters that are based on the grandchildren of my best friends.  Mason is the grandson of Joyce, son of Nikole, and brother of Ella.

Prints and greeting cards of all of these paintings are available in our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop, where you can also order a customized painting and poem of or for someone dear to you. 

Other fun products, like pillows, canvas prints, tote bags and much more are also available at our Mx2D Society6 Shop.

I will begin putting my book together soon and let you all know about it!  If you are interested in my first children’s book of watercolor animals and silly poems, you can find it here:  Klaus the Mouse and Other Silly Animal Tales.

49 thoughts on “Mason the Pickle-Loving Monkey

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  2. Oh, bother! Benjamin and I came back to revisit Mason, only to discover that our previous comment does not appear to be here. I remember that he “opened my email from My Jodi” on the Wednesday after you posted it. I also clearly remember writing a comment because he was so excited about a monkey with the same name as his little friend Mason and how he laughed about a monkey eating pickles instead of bananas. He told you that “I love bananas bestest!” I suppose that I failed to hit the post comment button, I’ve been guilty of that before. Better late than never, we love Mason the furry pickle loving monkey! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Aww! No worries. I had been wondering that I haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope all is well otherwise. You two snuggle in and enjoy each other! Wish I could too! ❤


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