Painting Spring

Bold Pink and Peach Spring Tulip 11×14 Original Watercolor

Painting Spring.

It is March,
and the temperatures
are still
below freezing
where I live.

But we are
“Springing” ahead
this weekend
to daylight savings time.

Longer days,
warmer temperatures,
birds singing,
flowers blooming….

But for now,
all I can do is

Cheers & Hugs,

52 thoughts on “Painting Spring

  1. Jodi, I don’t know what Spring is like anymore. Seems we go from a Spring/Summer climate heer in the Winter months and then go right into Summer! Sometimes I get confused what month it is down here? I guess if I was doing a water color painting it would end up being mostly suns, beaches and happy Dolphins swimming in the water. Hymm…Gives me an idea for your next “Childen’s Book”.featuring.Animals that Live by the Sea… Derrick the Dolphin, Windy the Whale, Terry the Turtle (chose this name for obvious reasons), Susie the Star Fish, Carroll the Clam, Oscar the Octopus, Steve the Shark, Fred the Fish (or pick an actual kind of fish instead of the generic name)….etc I can just see those magical sea scenes developing. I am letting my imagination bring out the best of me this morning!

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  2. Let us not get discouraged about spring being late. You have painted a wonderful water colour of a flower. It cheers me up on this dreary March morning. Although there is still much snow on the ground, spring is on the march. Your beautiful flower is its harbinger. Thank you, Jodi!

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  3. Beautiful warm colors. Very cold here too this winter. Lovely painting.
    Ps. My book is on order. Cant wait, it will be in May sometime. By that time I will have forgotten all about it & it’ll be like a suprise present from you.

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