Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart.

Every Spring
you show up

and you remind me
of Grandma’s love.

You remind me of her presence
and influence on my life.

Thank you
Bleeding Heart!

Cheers & Hugs,

Many years ago, my Grandma gave me this bleeding heart plant.  I have transplanted and moved it.  It will always be where I am.  Grandma will always be a part of me.  There is likely not a day that passes where something doesn’t remind me of her or make me think of her, but this plant is an extra special reminder.  It makes my heart soar and swell each Spring when it blooms.  Just like her love for me did and still does.  With Mother’s Day approaching, I remember Grandma with love and the deepest admiration.  May I be even half the Grandma to my grandchildren that you were to me. ❤

PS – I will be taking a blogging break for a week or so.  See you when I return.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Grandma’s Bleeding Heart – A Mother’s Day Flower

The Best Mother’s Day Gift.

When I was a young, extremely naive, stay-at-home mom
to two energetic and spirited little boys,

the perfect Mother’s Day “gift” would have been
an hour or two of peace and quiet all to myself to do whatever I pleased.

But now that I am an older, experienced, working-outside-the-home mom
to two amazing and independent young men,

and have gained two “daughters”
and a granddaughter too…

the perfect Mother’s Day “gift” has become
an hour or two of time together

to love and laugh and appreciate
the greatest gift of all…

The gift of
being a Mom!

Cheers & Hugs,



Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart

Once upon a time
a little girl was born
to the best Grandma
in the entire universe.

As time passed,
the little girl grew,
but her admiration
for the best Grandma
in the entire universe
never waned.

The grandma knew
she wouldn’t be able
to stay forever
and share her love
with the little girl
who became a woman, a wife, and a mother
who she still so greatly adored.

So she gave the woman
a plant to remember
her everywhere she would go
wherever she went
for as long as she lived.

And every May
the little girl
who is now
soon be a Grandma herself
remembers the love
from her special Grandma.

The gift of life
The gift of love
the gift from the heart
A bleeding heart.

A heart that knows
A heart that understands
A heart that consoles
a little girl,  a grand-daughter,
a mother, a soon-to-be grandmother.

With admiration
beyond compare,
with love and a bleeding heart
from one little girl, mother, grand-daughter, grandmother
to another.

I love you, Grandma
now and forever.

Cheers & Hugs,

(My Grandma gave me this Bleeding Heart plant before she passed away many years ago. I have moved it twice.  Every Spring, I shed a tear of joy, of sorrow, of love, of loss when it blooms and reminds me of one of the greatest ladies , role models, “mothers,” I have ever known.  I believe it to be the most beautiful flower on the entire planet.)

Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart 2015

My favorite, dear Bleeding Heart,
are you happy or do you mourn?

Your bright color smiles,
but your tears look so forlorn.

You show us the beauty we oft overlook,
and elicit a pause when our own hearts are shook.

(My bleeding heart plant is my favorite of all in my yard.  It has moved with me a couple times as it was a plant given to me by my Grandma.  It is a symbol to me of her very special heart every year when it blooms.  It reminds me of the joy and the sorrow of love.  It demonstrates the intense and powerful artistry of Mother Nature.  I could never create or imagine anything more beautiful.)

Cheers & Hugs,


PS:  I love the intricacy of this flower, and this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Intricate.