Orange you Glad-iolus?

Orange Gladiolus Original Watercolor 11×14 by Jodi McKinney

Orange you Glad-iolus?

My Dad recently texted me an image of an orange gladiolus stem in a vase a neighbor had placed on their porch.

He thought it might make a good painting subject.

So I painted it.

And this is my loose “impressionistic” version.

I hope it makes him and Mom II smile.

Hey Dad, “Orange you Glad-iolus I did?” 🙂

Cheers & Hugs,

Happy #WorldWatercolorMonth


59 thoughts on “Orange you Glad-iolus?

  1. Oooh, you caught the fragile flower petals and the hearty stalk of the Glads….this brings back memories of my mom and I going to a glad farm once a week to purchase flowers for the cemetery. Every week from Spring through Fall, and glads were my favorites in the summer months!

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    • Thanks Jill! I really was so unsure of it at first because it was so easy and organic. Does that ever happen to you? Actually is such a good feeling that it turned out! Surprises me really LOL. ☺️🤣👍

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