There’s a New Bird in Town

breakfast bird wings

There’s a new bird in town visiting our backyard feeders these days.

The wintry colors and spots and the delicacy of the bird’s wings remind me that

life imitates art

and art imitates life….

that life is art…

and art is life.

breakfast bird chatter

What do you think these two were chatting about over breakfast?

breakfast bird

They are the new bird in town.  Looks to me like it could be the European Starling?

Any experts out there know?

They sure are bringing joy and beauty and artistic inspiration.

Cheers & Hugs,

53 thoughts on “There’s a New Bird in Town

    • from what I’ve read, Kerfe, they are not indigenous to our area, but were brought to NYC from Europe, so that makes sense. It seems a few have migrated from NYC to Mars! lol! Appears they will look very different in the summer. Will be interesting to see.


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  2. They’re beautiful Jodi 🙂 And I do hope you’ll be able to paint them 😉
    Had to link my post today to yours 😉 hope you don’t mind .
    And maybe if Becky from “Hidden Delights of The Algarve” reads it , she will be able to help you identify these dear little creatures .
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  3. Starlings…now who was I saying this to? Laura?…starlings are both pests and admirable. They are thugs, but they are beautiful thugs with nice voices (hence Mozart’s fondness for them). 😀 Your photos make them even prettier than they are!


  4. I think they were talking about how they can sneak into your home, play with Charlie and steal some of the goodies you left on your counter. But that’s just a wild guess..:)


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