Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart

Once upon a time
a little girl was born
to the best Grandma
in the entire universe.

As time passed,
the little girl grew,
but her admiration
for the best Grandma
in the entire universe
never waned.

The grandma knew
she wouldn’t be able
to stay forever
and share her love
with the little girl
who became a woman, a wife, and a mother
who she still so greatly adored.

So she gave the woman
a plant to remember
her everywhere she would go
wherever she went
for as long as she lived.

And every May
the little girl
who is now
soon be a Grandma herself
remembers the love
from her special Grandma.

The gift of life
The gift of love
the gift from the heart
A bleeding heart.

A heart that knows
A heart that understands
A heart that consoles
a little girl,  a grand-daughter,
a mother, a soon-to-be grandmother.

With admiration
beyond compare,
with love and a bleeding heart
from one little girl, mother, grand-daughter, grandmother
to another.

I love you, Grandma
now and forever.

Cheers & Hugs,

(My Grandma gave me this Bleeding Heart plant before she passed away many years ago. I have moved it twice.  Every Spring, I shed a tear of joy, of sorrow, of love, of loss when it blooms and reminds me of one of the greatest ladies , role models, “mothers,” I have ever known.  I believe it to be the most beautiful flower on the entire planet.)

86 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart

      • Absolutely, Jodi! I understand that bond you have with your grandmother. That makes that bleeding heart flower all the more special. Bleeding heart flowers are truly beautiful flowers and yours is even more beautiful because of the story behind it.

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  1. She must have been one heck of a woman, Jodi. I know you’ve mentioned her before and have such great admiration and love for her. What a wonderful blooming presence after winter, the gorgeous bush to awaken you into spring each year. We have one too and I think of you when I see it!

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  2. Your touching poem brought tears to my eyes this morning. I had a grandma just like yours. She is in my heart always. Thank you Jodi. The bleeding heart is such a striking flower. Hugs coming your way. 💕

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    • Awh! Thank you Sharon. I’m glad you had a special Grandma like I did! Thanks for the hugs, and right back at ya! It’s funny how this came to me so quickly. I had the photo and was contemplating what to say, and this just poured out in just a few minutes. Love when that happens ❤

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  3. BEAUTIFUL!!. Weddings : Babies: Keepsakes**: and GRANDMA’s – Thank God for LOVE!!.. 💫
    The most important person IN my Life was my Grandma as well… There is just No one like ” Grandma !” — I can tell Jodi, that You will just SHINE as a Grandma… You already Are!!.. Sending you Big Hugs – Joanne W. ❣❣❣☀️

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    • How was the wedding???!!! I’m so glad you had a special grandma too Joanne! I so hope I can shine to my grandchild(ren) like mine did to me 🙂


  4. Hi Again Jodi … Your plant from Your grandma is so lovely in flower blossom!!.. A lovely painting, maybe to come? .. Wow!!.. Colours…beautifull.. Luv 🙋 .. Always Joanne

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  5. I love this flower too! 💖💕 Such a sweet gift from your grandma! A lovely poem Jodi! I’m sure your grandma is smiling in heaven right now! 😊 And she is so proud of you! 💜 I do hope you paint this in watercolor. It would be awesome to frame it with your poem too! ✨🌸💕

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  6. What a wonderful tribute to your grandma! I remember Bleeding Hearts from my childhood and I loved them, but I don’t see them much any more. You’re so lucky to still have that lovely gift she gave you.

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  7. Simply beautiful! I scrolled right by this earlier and didn’t take the time. Well, I did now and I am floored by the words, the sentiment. I had a grandmother but she was a walking barnacle, not much to feel endeared to. I love hearing about women who did have wonderful grandmothers, like you. I was determined that I was going to be the most loving grandmother, and I feel that I am. Love this post! 🙂

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    • Awh! Thank you Margaret! You made my day by sharing this. And I have to laugh a bit at walking barnacle… Though I’m sorry too… But I’m glad to hear you are changing that with you grandparenting. I hope I will too. I am going to be a first time grandma in about 6 months 🙂

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  8. Jodi…..beautiful poem….you have shared a wonderful memory of our favorite lady…. I still miss her laugh and that twinkle in her eyes! You will soon be blessed with the greatest gift of becoming a grandma and Stella Star will be shining bright in YOU!
    Love you

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    • Oh – you so know and understand dear Joyce! ❤ can I live up to the best ever?! you so nailed it – the twinkle in her eye! May we pass on that twinkle! I know you are!!! Love you more! xo


  9. I can see the bonding between you two😍 I have read your earlier post too!
    Beautiful photo, yesterday we went for walk and I came across this flower but was not aware of its name!

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  11. Well, this has brought tears to my eyes. As I read, from the beginning I wondered…and right at the end, I realised I was right. This is a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother. How absolutely precious. x

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  12. OH Man this teared me up! What a lovely present for your Grandma to leave you with and as I read the poem I pictured my wonderful grandma who passed away when I was 14 but I had so many cherished memories of her. Nothing like a Grandma! HUGS and love to you as you remember your precious Grandma, a lovely tribute! ❤

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