Bridal Shower Money Gift: A Champagne Bottle Wedding Dress

Bridal Shower Money Gift: A Champagne Bottle Wedding Dress.

Money is always a welcomed gift – right?

But it is also BORRRRING to give.

When going to a bridal shower, one of the main events is the gift opening, so I often try to figure out a creative presentation.

My daughter-in-law hosted a bridal shower this weekend for her sister.  What an amazing job she did, and what a beautiful day we were gifted with.

I created this champagne bottle money wedding dress as my gift.  It was so easy to do, and I had everything to make it on hand.

I took a bottle of champage and wrapped it in white tulle and lace.  I embellished it with paper flowers, pearls, and crystal gems and created a veil with additional tulle.  Everthing was glued on with a hot glue gun or Tombow glue.

I then pinned the money on with straight pins all around to form a layer of the dress.

Several years ago, I made a Happy Birthday Money Cake for one of my sons.  It has been the most popular blog post ever here at   Seems lots of folks are looking for creative ways to give gifts of money, so I hope you all enjoy this one too.

Cheers &  Hugs,


Funny Kitchen Towels – A Wedding Shower Gift Idea

Funny Kitchen Dish Towels – A Wedding Shower Gift Idea.

This past weekend, I went to a bridal shower for a sweet young lady who I wanted to get something special for.

Becky has been out on her own for a while, so she has most of the “basics” some brides need when starting out.

One thing she is known for is her an amazing sense of humor, so when I saw these adorable funny kitchen towels on ETSY at WorksOfHeartDesignCo., I just knew I had to get them for her.

In case you can’t read on the photo, they are each personalized with her name and have the following sayings:

  • I Like Big Bundts and I Cannot Lie (Bundt Pan)
  • This is How I Roll (Rolling Pin)
  • Don’t Go Baking My Heart (Pie)
  • Chop it Like its Hot (Knives)
  • Shake it Up Baby (Salt & Pepper Shakers)
  • I Say Whip It, and Whip it Good (Whisk)
  • You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round (Electric Mixer)

I added a few kitchen tools and gadgets, put it all in a fun basket and wrapped with clear cellophane tied with a big bow.

If you are looking for a cute and unique idea for a bridal shower, wedding gift, or someone who loves (or hates) the kitchen, I think these are so cute!  (and FYI – I have no relationship to Jess at WorksofHeartDesign Co., nor did I receive any compensation for promoting – I simply just love her products!)

Wishing Becky and Michael a lifetime of happiness and love!

Cheers & Hugs,


It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

I received one of the most precious gifts yesterday from my BFF, Jill…. this darling little clutch purse for the wedding.

What is so special about it is what is on the inside.

From the outside, it is absolutely gorgeous!

But when I opened it up, I burst into tears.

The lining is made from a photo of hubby and me with our soon-to-be-groom son (taken at our oldest son’s wedding from 3 1/2 years ago!)

Isn’t this such a beautiful gift?  What a wonderful idea for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of brides and grooms!  Such a unique and personal gift.  Jill ordered it from AngeeW’s ETSY shop.

And clever, beautiful, kind Jill, wrote this beautiful note.

I don’t know how I hit the lottery on most amazing BFF and friends, but I am so grateful!  And what a wonderful reminder to all of us that it IS indeed what’s on the  inside that counts.

Especially as we grow older and all the “lovely” saggy, wrinkly, things begin to happen we need not discuss, it is especially important to remember who we are on the inside.

No matter our age, gender, ethnicity, physical appearance – we all have the ability to exude a bright, loving aura.  Have you ever noticed how a person who is maybe just average looking but has a bright, positive, happy, loving disposition seems so much more beautiful?  And sometimes people who are especially physically attractive, but not kind people can become unattractive?

I love how Jill expresses it….  she sees a person’s “aura!”

Let’s make a focused effort this week (and always) to look for a person’s aura – and remember that it is what’s on the inside that counts.

Cheers & Hugs,

Perfect Pairs Wedding Shower Gift

Perfect Pairs Wedding Shower Gift Basket

Yesterday I shared the beautiful celebration of this adorable and perfect pair,  Candace and C.J. at the bridal shower I attended for Candace this past weekend.

perfect pair wedding shower gift framed photo

And, as promised, here is the “Perfect Pair” gift basket I made as my gift for them.

perfect pair wedding shower gift chip and dip bowl

It was so much fun trying to think of perfect pairings to include in this gift basket.

perfect pair wedding shower gift chips and dip salsa

I am sure there are so many more pairs you can think of, and you can customize the gift for your “perfect pair.”

perfect pair wedding shower gift cutting board and knife

Some things are simply practical, and others I found on Candace’s gift registry.

perfect pair wedding shower gift salt and pepper

Does anything “pair” better than peanut butter and jelly?

perfect pair wedding shower gift peanut butter and jelly

A pair of gloves just made perfect sense.

perfect pair wedding shower gift pair of gloves

I also had fun creating all the pear/pair tags with a variety of watercolor wash colors…

perfect pair wedding shower gift fork and spoon

and thinking of little things that would make their home cozy and special.

perfect pair wedding shower gift candle and light

Pen and paper… will they scribble little love notes?  create shopping lists?  wish lists?

perfect pair wedding shower gift pen and paper

A fun bag or basket pulls it all together and adds to the fun and practicality of the gift.

Perfect Pairs Wedding Shower Gift

If you are looking for a fun and creative bridal shower gift, consider this idea for your perfect pear  pair!

pear purple watercolor

Cheers & Hugs,


Celebrating a Perfect Pair


This weekend brought the opportunity to celebrate a very special bride-to-be.


Beautiful Candace will be marrying her “perfect pair” C.J. in just a few weeks.


C.J. was my youngest son, Nick’s, “roomer” all through college, and this sweet couple has become part of our extended family.


We celebrated with some amazing and beautiful food,




refreshing, icy drinks,



and “silly” fun shower games.


It was great to see one of my favorite gals (and all time favorite “flower girl”), Grandma Susan!


It’s not hard to see where her family gets their beauty and joy from.


Momma Candi is celebrating her second “child’s” wedding this year!


It was such a joy to take photos of these beautiful girls…




…on such a beautiful day with such beautiful surroundings (though a teensy weensy beansy bit hot for this “menopausal momma!”)




What a privilege to capture such joy and beauty!





What a wonderful way to celebrate love!




These two cuties are going to make a “perfect pair!”


Check in tomorrow to see the “perfect pair” gift I made for these two cuties!

perfect pair wedding shower gift framed photo

Cheers & Hugs,

April Showers – Celebrating with Charrie

cw 1

You might remember I shared the card & gift wrapping I made for our family friend’s shower yesterday.

Well, today I invite you to experience a little “taste” of the shower.  Charrie and her mom and the lovely hostesses gave me permission to shoot away and then share here with all of you.

The weather was sunshiny perfect, the hostesses smiles were just as bright, Charrie was beaming, and the details were amazing.  Enjoy the little visit to the party.

And you may notice I was completely slightly obsessed with the petit four and cupcake display! 🙂  I can’t wait to get the petit four recipe, and if successful, share them with you here.  They were TO DIE FOR!  (I know hubby will love them!  Layers of raspberry and apricot yumminess!)

Add to that blueberry pomegranate sangrias, pickled marinated asparagus, chicken salad, fresh fruit kabobs, and chocolate galore – oh my!!

Here is the lovely bride to be with her sister and maid of honor.  Aren’t they beautiful?

cw 2

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

cw 3 cw 4

cw 5 cw 6

cw 7

cw 8

cw 11 cw 13

cw 9

cw 17

cw 18 cw 20

cw 21 cw 24 cw 23

cw 25

cw 26

cw 27 cw 29

cw 30

cw 32

cw 28

cw 33

cw 34

cw 35 cw 37

cw 31 cw 38

cw 45

cw 39

cw 40 cw 41

cw 42

cw 47 cw 48

cw 22

cw 49

Cheers & Hugs to Charrie and Corey!  Looking forward to celebrating your big day with you soon!