Bridal Shower Money Gift: A Champagne Bottle Wedding Dress

Bridal Shower Money Gift: A Champagne Bottle Wedding Dress.

Money is always a welcomed gift – right?

But it is also BORRRRING to give.

When going to a bridal shower, one of the main events is the gift opening, so I often try to figure out a creative presentation.

My daughter-in-law hosted a bridal shower this weekend for her sister.  What an amazing job she did, and what a beautiful day we were gifted with.

I created this champagne bottle money wedding dress as my gift.  It was so easy to do, and I had everything to make it on hand.

I took a bottle of champage and wrapped it in white tulle and lace.  I embellished it with paper flowers, pearls, and crystal gems and created a veil with additional tulle.  Everthing was glued on with a hot glue gun or Tombow glue.

I then pinned the money on with straight pins all around to form a layer of the dress.

Several years ago, I made a Happy Birthday Money Cake for one of my sons.  It has been the most popular blog post ever here at   Seems lots of folks are looking for creative ways to give gifts of money, so I hope you all enjoy this one too.

Cheers &  Hugs,


45 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Money Gift: A Champagne Bottle Wedding Dress

    • Thanks pj. I’m still not ready to blog daily again yet but couldn’t resist sharing this. ☺️. I’m hoping to shoot for a couple posts a week. Hope you are well. Hugs.


  1. Your “Bottle Bride” rates a fantabulous and a splendiferous! Seeing you in my inbox rates a fantabulous and a splendiferous too! You are greatly missed by Benjamin. He checks my inbox EVERY morning and sadly says : “My Jodi’s not here again.” We have continued the wait…together. Thank-you!

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    • Awww. Thanks so much Ellen! I miss my Benjamin too. And YOU! I’ve been really busy learning and adjusting to my new job. It is going very well and very busy. Hoping to pop in a couple times a week for now. Thanks for missing me. ☺️❤️


    • Aww. Thanks Jill. Miss you too. I’m going to try to post twice a week or so for a while and see how that goes. Still learning and adjusting to new job. Going very well but very busy. Hope all is well with you. Hugs

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  2. Is there anything you can’t do? Unbelivably beautiful. You must have been the hit of the party. Looks terribly complicated & time consuming, but so worth it. Hope she can recycle it. Love gifts that can find happyness that go on & on.
    My daughter- in- Law has made baby shower gifts made of talc, lotion etc in the center & diper & recieving blankets’ wash clothes with rattles, toys, pacifiers & somehow it looks like a cake, aforable & pretty that I wonder how many mothers take it apart. But you wedding dress is a real thing of beauty, so clever. Best to you.

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  3. Perfect …. as ever you are. I’ve been very quiet and I think you know why so here I am telling you – I”M HERE!!!! And I will be back to writing once I have caught up on a few more delights from you and my other favourites. By the way … this makes me want to get married all over again just to throw a shower!!!

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