Alex the Alligator

Alex the Alligator Watercolor – 11×14

Alex the Alligator.

In a swamp near the equator,
lived an alligator named Alex.

Alex liked to jump and kick.
Doing fancy tricks
was part of his famous schtick.

Alex was often the very first pick
because he was so doggone slick
in the eyes and hearts of the alligator chicks.

For not many gators could be so quick
doing fancy acrobatics
and even arithmetic!

So if you ever find yourself near the equator
and see a slick jumping and kicking gator,
Say Hi to Alex…

Alex the Alligator.

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Alex the Alligator was made especially for a friend’s grandson, who loves Klaus the Mouse – my very first published illustrated children’s book.  Granpap asked if I could make an Alex the Alligator and a Liz the Lizard for his two special little grandies.  This is going to be a surprise for him.  I can’t wait to create Liz next.




Even if no one bothers to look…

Sunrise on Forsythe - Mars, PA 5/8/17

Sunrise on Forsythe – Mars, PA – 5/8/17

Even if no one bothers to look…

The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not.
It will keep on being beautiful,
even if no one bothers to look at it.

Gene Amole

Yesterday morning I was on the road very early
and couldn’t resist driving down one of my favorite roads in our little community.

It was a cold, but sunny morning
with a nip in the air and frost on the grass.

As the warmth of the sun shone,
the steam and fog rose from the ice crystal-kissed earth and cold creeks and ponds.

I drove home slowly on my way back from my early morning run,
sipping my steaming coffee, but drinking in the beginning of a new day.

I wish I took time to notice it more often….
It’s there – just waiting for me to enjoy its beauty.

And with or without me –
that sunrise just keeps on being beautiful!

It made me think a bit too…
About being beautiful.

No – not Hollywood beauty…
not Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition beauty.

But about being a beautiful person –
in my heart and in my thoughts and in my character and in my actions.

And I want to make an effort to be a beautiful person…
even if no one bothers to look.

Cheers & Hugs,

Gene Amole also wrote a book I just bought on Amazon called “The Last Chapter.”  I look forward to reading it and will share my thoughts.

CharlieDog the Character


CharlieDog Watercolor Character – 10 x 12

I stayed up very late the other night watching election coverage.

It was so nerve-wracking, I had to do something besides watch predictions and “paths” and the shock of the reporters as they announced each state’s decision and electoral numbers.

I wanted to do something pleasant and think pleasant thoughts.  The happiest thing that came to mind is our sweet grand baby who is due any day now.  As I thought of her, I thought of stuffed animals and cute animal characters.  I thought of soft, cuddly teddy bears.  And then I decided to create a teddy bear like stuffed character of Charlie, our furry adopted boy.

In the wee hours of the night/morning, CharlieDog was born on a 10×12 sheet of Arches 300 lb cold press.  He has chubby chipmunk cheeks and curious cherubic eyes.  His chunky belly is plump and soft and snuggable.  He has one ear up on alert for Cliff the Mailman or Mike the UPS man or anyone delivering pizza!

Art has become such a calming, stress-relieving outlet for me.  If anyone out there thinks they would love to draw or paint or create, but feels they aren’t “artistic” enough or don’t have any formal training, or have never tried, or whatever your reasons might be – just do it.  Don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t.  I would have said that a year ago.  Do it for the joy.  Do it for you – not anybody else’s approval or praise (that part was/is a struggle for me that I am getting much better at).  Do it to create your own kind of beauty.  Do it for peace and love and goodness – for yourself or someone your share it with.

Focus on things that make you happy, bring you peace, express joy, demonstrate love.  Small acts change the world.  Be your own kind of beautiful.  Make your own kind of art or sing your own special song.  Do your thing!  Be you!


Cheers & Hugs,