Harper the Happy Hippo

Harper the Happy Hippo.

In a lazy, shallow river just outside of Ethiopia
lived Harper the happy hippo in a heavenly utopia.

The sun was always shining
while Harper was oft reclining.

Flamingos and pelicans and even a rare crane
shared and reveled in the balmy tropical terrain.

Harper loved to sing and play.
She smiled and chuckled and snorted all day.

She started a band
since her voice was in such demand.

She was surely the star of the show,
for who wouldn’t go

to see a purple singing hippo with pink painted toes
smiling and singing to the most beautiful prose.

A zebra was on the drums
while a cheetah’s guitar strings strummed.

Cymbals were clanged and clashed by a lively red-throated gazelle.
She was Harper’s closest girlfriend, and her name was Adele.

There wasn’t a happier hippo across the sea or land
than Harper the happy hippo and her Ethiopian wildlife band.

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Harper the Hippo is the second painting for my dear friend Pam (namesake, by the way, for Klaus’ friend Pam the Lamb).  Harper is the baby sister of Lucas – Pam’s two grandchildren.   If you’d like to learn more about my process or sales of paintings, poems, cards, pillows, and books, visit Sunday’s post here.

Harper the Happy Hippo Pillow

63 thoughts on “Harper the Happy Hippo

  1. Harper is as cute as Lucas! You are so talented! I did hear a rumor that sometimes Adele the Gazelle also does back up vocals!!! I love you friend!

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    • Thank you, Peter. I did publish one book already that is on Amazon – not sure if you are aware – Klaus the Mouse by Jodi McKinney 🙂 I also did some illustrations for a book done by some fellow bloggers – The Odessa Chronicles. I would like to do more 🙂 Thanks for you kindness and encouragement!

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  2. Benjamin thinks that Harper is “so cute just like my friend, baby Harper!” He laughed at the poem and said : “Adele is one of my friends, remember Gem? Is My Jodi going to make another book of friends? That’s a good idea, right Gem?” My replies : Yes Benjamin, I remember, I don’t know yet and it is a very good idea! We are totally in agreement, it is a very good idea indeed!! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Maybe another book. We will see if and when I create enough. I just never know where the creative muse will lead, but I love following it. Feeling abstracty lately… LOL!


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