Even if no one bothers to look…

Sunrise on Forsythe - Mars, PA 5/8/17

Sunrise on Forsythe – Mars, PA – 5/8/17

Even if no one bothers to look…

The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not.
It will keep on being beautiful,
even if no one bothers to look at it.

Gene Amole

Yesterday morning I was on the road very early
and couldn’t resist driving down one of my favorite roads in our little community.

It was a cold, but sunny morning
with a nip in the air and frost on the grass.

As the warmth of the sun shone,
the steam and fog rose from the ice crystal-kissed earth and cold creeks and ponds.

I drove home slowly on my way back from my early morning run,
sipping my steaming coffee, but drinking in the beginning of a new day.

I wish I took time to notice it more often….
It’s there – just waiting for me to enjoy its beauty.

And with or without me –
that sunrise just keeps on being beautiful!

It made me think a bit too…
About being beautiful.

No – not Hollywood beauty…
not Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition beauty.

But about being a beautiful person –
in my heart and in my thoughts and in my character and in my actions.

And I want to make an effort to be a beautiful person…
even if no one bothers to look.

Cheers & Hugs,

Gene Amole also wrote a book I just bought on Amazon called “The Last Chapter.”  I look forward to reading it and will share my thoughts.

63 thoughts on “Even if no one bothers to look…

  1. “And I want to make an effort to be a beautiful person…
    even if no one bothers to look.”
    Love it Jodi!
    We should always try and adopt the “service to others” role (“to give and not to count the cost..to labor and not to ask for any reward…”). Once we start expecting recognition, our motives come into question.

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  2. What lovely words Jodi. I fear all of miss so many of these beautiful vistas as we go about our days. As far as being a beautiful person, I am pretty sure you have that one in the bag😘

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  3. At one with nature, the universe and your self. That makes you beautiful and inspiring. Please continue to radiate this strength to all of us.

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    • Oh thank you so much Marguerite. I do try to share the good, because not all times are good and I am not always good. But I want to keep striving.


  4. great post, photo. thank you and you Jodi, are a Treasure.
    it is, indeed, in the trying, that daily, hourly struggle to overcome our pesky selves in order to do and be what we Really want to be.
    we try. we fail. we fall. we breathe. we get up again and try all over again. and we don’t stop This Trying to be and do all that we are.
    Beautiful in. and Out.
    Hugs. wonderful post.

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  5. We live in such a “look at me” culture, that we tend to forget that beauty exists, whether we notice it or not. And being beautiful (the kind of beauty you not only described in this post, but also live out so consistently) is something we should all work toward, whether anyone notices or not. Thanks for these words, Jodi…they struck home today!

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