Alex the Alligator

Alex the Alligator Watercolor – 11×14

Alex the Alligator.

In a swamp near the equator,
lived Alex the alligator.

Alex liked to jump and kick.
Doing fancy tricks
was part of his famous schtick.

Alex was often the very first pick
because he was so doggone slick
in the eyes and hearts of the alligator chicks.

For not many gators could be so quick
doing fancy acrobatics
and even arithmetic!

So if you ever find yourself near the equator
and see a slick jumping and kicking gator,
Say Hi to Alex…

Alex the Alligator.

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Alex the Alligator was made especially for a friend’s grandson, who loves Klaus the Mouse – my very first published illustrated children’s book.  Granpap asked if I could make an Alex the Alligator and a Liz the Lizard for his two special little grandies.  This is going to be a surprise for him.  I can’t wait to create Liz next.




55 thoughts on “Alex the Alligator

  1. Benjamin spied your post amidst my inbox and was thrilled to find “a humongous alligator”! I thought that he would think it is a T-Rex dinosaur, his favorite of all dinosaurs. When I asked him if Alex looks like a T-Rex too, he said : “Gem, My Jodi knows that a T-Rex only has two claws on his hand, not three and they can’t swim!” But I said, one hand only has two and he quickly pointed out that the third one is folded inside the hand. Benjamin was wondering : “Is My Jodi painting more animals and writing another book like Klaus? I hope she does a T-Rex too.” I told him that you are very busy now and he said that you can do it “slowly”! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Oh our sweet Benjamin! So smart! I will have to consider a future T. rex. Maybe after the busy holidays. Hope you both are enjoying life and each other. Hugs to you both. Xo ❤️❤️


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  3. Pingback: Creative Inspiration in Food, Watercolor, Photography, Writing and Life in Between.

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