Adele the Gazelle

Adele the Gazelle Watercolor 8x10 140lb Arches Cold Press

Adele the Gazelle Watercolor 8×10 140lb Arches Cold Press

Adele the Gazelle
was quite the bombshell.

She had the most magnificent smell,
it was almost as if she cast a magic spell.

Though most gazelles are not permitted to fly,  Adele was one you could not tell.
She simply believed it a myth she must and would dispel.

So after her jet flight and arrival at the airport in Nevel,
she proceeded directly to slide down the luggage carousel.

She bid her traveling friends farewell,
and headed northwest towards her hotel.

And when she rang the desk’s silver bell,
you should have seen the personnel!

But then they smelled Adele so swell,
as the stories go that they do tell,

And just like magic, they knew full well,
they, too, were under her incredible spell.

Cheers & Hugs,

This is one of a series of fun animal watercolor paintings and rhymes I am pursuing.
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