Pam the Lamb

Pam the Lamb
was happy as a clam.

She liked her muffins
with butter and jam.

One day after breakfast
she was playing with Sam,

when the postman arrived
with an urgent telegram.

Pam opened it quickly and found inside
a beautiful and colorful diagram.

There was also a note in handwriting she knew –
it was from her dear and loving ole Gram.

It was instructions it seemed – a recipe indeed –
for cloverleaf muffins with butter and jam.

Oh how Pam delighted for she knew who was coming,
she better get baking for Pap Pap and Gram.

Cheers & Hugs,

This is one of a series of fun animal watercolor paintings and rhymes I am pursuing.
See the others:
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53 thoughts on “Pam the Lamb

  1. Benjamin and Gem here, loving the darling lamb named Pam. He thinks Pam’s poem is “funny”. Benjamin says “I love butter too, not jam” ( he is known to eat butter with a spoon). However, Benjamin thinks Pam should only eat “green food” like grass! Thank-you for another special animal friend to enjoy together. Now, on to revisiting the others!

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      • I took Benjamin to your “about” page because he wanted to see “Jodi”. I always tell him that Jodi painted the animal picture and wrote the story. He enjoys sitting on my lap when I type notes to you from us about the animals and their poems. This afternoon while revisiting the animals again he said, “Ask Jodi, what about Earl the Squirrel?” So – when Benjamin was smaller, I gave him his “tubby” in the kitchen sink for numerous reasons. The window above the sink looks out on the backyard and he could see chipmunks, birds, rabbits and squirrels. He loved it! He still gets into the sink to look for his friends, especially one squirrel I called Earl (he thinks it is still the same one). Benjamin seems to think that you might know his friend, Earl the Squirrel. P.S. Earl has a sister named Pearl!

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      • Oh Ellen – how you and Benjamin melt my heart! I will have to add Earl the Squirrel to my list for the coming week or so! I LOVE IT!! I’d love to see a picture of you two also! Will you send me a pic? My email is 🙂 Hugs to you both!


  2. You have found your pot of gold. I am loving your animal paintings and the cute poems that tell a short story. Your granddaughter must squeal with delight when you share with her. Thank you so very much for letting us into another wonderful peek of your life, in between! Love it, and you.

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    • Thank you so much! I’m having so much fun with it. My granddaughter is a bit to young to enjoy yet – but maybe I will publish it as a book by the time she is! 🙂 Thank you so much for the sweet compliment that makes my day!!

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  3. Good Morning Jodi!! Benjamin will be over the moon about his friend, Earl the Squirrel. He has become one of your most ardent fans, the only blog he visits with me! Thank-you for our online adventures.

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  4. Pam is positively adorable, love the story. Cant wait to meet Earl & Pearl. My mom was a triplet. Their names were Earl, Murl and Pearl. Murl died of scarlet fever when he was 6, so I never knew him. My Uncle Earl was the oldest in the family of 8, 6 boys only 2 girls. My gram had 1 set of triplets, 2 sets of twins, and my aunt Maryfrieda, she was like a mom to me, she was the youngest. My Uncle Earl the oldest, outlived them all. Died at 90 something. I was close to them all. Can’t wait to entertwine again. Magical!

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  5. Okay, so you can paint, decorate, photograph and now write very good poetry while you have a family and a full-time job????? Thank goodness you are such a good and likeable person, or I swear I would be so jealous I couldn’t see straight! But you are a terrific person and I am so glad to have “met” you in the blogging world…so I’ll just appreciate who you are, be very glad I know you, and leave it at that! But dang, girl, you are talented!!!!! Honestly, I am in awe!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Ann! You give me way too much credit! I am a jack of many trades and master of none. All just about having fun and enjoying life at this stage of the game and the Great privilege of sharing it with amazing people like you. You encourage me to explore new ideas and continue. Thank you so much. ☺️. Don’t be in awe though. I’m just me. Doing stuff that brings me joy in between 😉

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