Rain Puddle – Mars, PA – March, 2018


When the rain fell,
the sky was dark,
and the mood was somber.

But the droplets
gathered together
and created a beautiful puddle

that remained
for days after
the rain fell.

And though each raindrop
seemed clear and transparent
in and of itself,

when gathered together
in the puddle that remained,
they took on a new life.

When combined with the sunlight
and nature’s surroundings,
the clear water became a reflection.

A reflection
of the beauty
of it’s surroundings.

A reflection
almost more beautiful
than reality.

the rain fell.

Cheers & Hugs,

Look Inside

February Morning – Mars, PA 2018

Look Inside.

The tiniest drop of water
hanging on the edge of the limb

that might not last
longer than a few moments

holds a glimpse of life.

It tells a story.

Look inside.
Ignore the blurred surroundings.

Squint hard.
Look closely.

Search deep

into this beautiful thing.

Search deep…
inside of You.

Like the tiny drop of water
that reflects the trees trunk and limbs.

Look inside your heart

to see what branches inside of you.

What is growing and stretching
and feeding your soul.

What is reaching
to grasp your happiness.

Look inside

at the beauty of you.

Cheers & Hugs,

Super Moon over Mars (PA)

Super Moon over Mars (PA) November 13, 2016

Super Moon over Mars (PA) November 13, 2016

Oh the mysteries of the moon and earth

You never realize how quickly our earth is actually rotating
until you try to pause long enough to capture a photo of the moon.

From afar, I always see a face…
the “man on the moon” I called it as a child.

As I look at this photo I took late Sunday evening,

it almost appears as if the moon is a large mirror
reflecting back the earth it sees.

The beauty of nature

It makes you feel small and insignificant
and large and important

all at once.

Cheers & Hugs,


Geneva on the Lake Rocks at Sunset 07 2016

Geneva on the Lake, OH – Rocks at Sunset – Summer 2016

Reflecting on the day
And contemplating life

A kaleidoscope of color
Evoking variegated memories

Discovering along the way
Acquiescent acceptance

Sometimes distancing ourselves
to ultimately save ourselves

Healing comes in waves
Crashing, splashing, breaking

Sometimes hitting the rocks
Other times reflecting the light

Remembering to pause
Remembering to cherish

Time spent reflecting
Time spent sharing

Cheers & Hugs,





Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

night lake water

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Refraction.

The instructions said:  For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework.

So can you tell what this is?

Some of you might recognize it from this post.

I thought this photo pretty much embodied refraction of light in reflection and the way it is ‘bent’ in the ripples of water behind our boat from the sunset on the lake.

And even if it doesn’t, I kinda like this photo, and it brings back memories of this lovely evening.  🙂

Cheers & Hugs,