Rain Puddle – Mars, PA – March, 2018


When the rain fell,
the sky was dark,
and the mood was somber.

But the droplets
gathered together
and created a beautiful puddle

that remained
for days after
the rain fell.

And though each raindrop
seemed clear and transparent
in and of itself,

when gathered together
in the puddle that remained,
they took on a new life.

When combined with the sunlight
and nature’s surroundings,
the clear water became a reflection.

A reflection
of the beauty
of it’s surroundings.

A reflection
almost more beautiful
than reality.

the rain fell.

Cheers & Hugs,

36 thoughts on “Puddles

  1. Well said
    I think some things in nature just happen in order to give ua a moment tot reflect and to appreciate other things around us that at we often just take for granted. Like the rrflection that this puddle us of other things around us.

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  2. Love your reflection (words) on the reflection. Your photo is incredible, bet you wish you could capture that in watercolor, but alas very difficult to match mother natures beauty. Your ohotograph reminded me of the guy from Europe teaching I phone photography, that I think I mentioned to you previously. He took a photo next to the water to get the opposite picture. The picture of the reflection of the trees not a picture of trees, the effect was very different, it also works on glass window its like a mirror image, taken using the glass or water puddle. Dont know if youve tried that? Just an idea for your creative mind to play around with. Really liked your poem.


  3. That is an amazing photograph! And I really loved the poem, and the message in it. While I have never believed that bad things necessarily happen for a reason, I do believe that some good can come from our troubles if we allow it and look for it. Thanks for the reminder!

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  4. Now that is truly a silver lining …. the most beautiful poem and a stunning picture and above all, the absolute truth that there is always a positive spin on everything if we care to stop and find it 🙂

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