Super Moon over Mars (PA)

Super Moon over Mars (PA) November 13, 2016

Super Moon over Mars (PA) November 13, 2016

Oh the mysteries of the moon and earth

You never realize how quickly our earth is actually rotating
until you try to pause long enough to capture a photo of the moon.

From afar, I always see a face…
the “man on the moon” I called it as a child.

As I look at this photo I took late Sunday evening,

it almost appears as if the moon is a large mirror
reflecting back the earth it sees.

The beauty of nature

It makes you feel small and insignificant
and large and important

all at once.

Cheers & Hugs,

30 thoughts on “Super Moon over Mars (PA)

  1. Yep! Far superior to my Moon photos.
    I like your thoughts on the Moon looking like it is reflecting the Earth – it does appear that way. The Moon has been witness to many events on Earth, Jodi… I’d love to be able to see some of what it has seen.

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