A Father’s Day Tribute – I AM the LUCKIEST!

Many are blessed with a great dad in their life.

Some sadly never know their dad.

I, however, have been blessed with FOUR great Dads in my life.

Well – really three that I call Dad…        …and then a great one I call “Merv” or Marty or Sweetie – my hubby….

the best dad of all – to our amazing sons.

The reason for more than one dad in my life is probably a story for another time or another place.
But I do know that to everything there is a season, a time, a purpose, and a reason.
I started out with one dad…  (I wish I had more photos, but here is one with my dad and brother and cousins and aunt and grandparents – and though I look like a G R U M P – I love this picture!  Thanks Aunt Gwen!)


I gained another Dad in the middle part of my childhood who I am eternally grateful for that was by my side during the difficult pre-teen and teenage years and that walked me down “the aisle” and supported me and helped to shape who I am today…


Father-Daughter Dance – April 3, 1982

And then I was so fortunate to have my birth father re-enter my life several years ago…  Who I talk to almost every day… Who has brought a whole new family into my life – who I love so much – and who all love me!


Father’s Day 2012 – Dad, Jodi, & Marty

On top of that, I was given the gift of one of the all-time-greatest father-in-laws, who I affectionately called, “Poops.” Those that knew him know why, and oh how we all loved Pap (who we lost a little over a year ago, but think about everyday).  He loved me like his very own, and I know I am also who I am today because of him.


Pap’s Last Father’s Day – 2012 – with Nick, Jake and Marty

So as I think about all the wonderful dads in my life, I know that I AM THE LUCKIEST!

And I want to share with you one of my all-time favorite songs (that I first heard at the wedding of a couple of cuties that I love DEARLY and am forever grateful to – and they know why!  Nikole and Michael) and for My Merv – a Great Husband AND Father.

Ben Folds’The Luckiest – I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Cheers and Hugs,


5 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Tribute – I AM the LUCKIEST!

  1. Wow! I just had time to read your blog for today, you really know how to get to a girls heart!!!! I also have more than one Dad, and the one that walked me down the aisle was truly my Mothers, brothers and my gift from God, he brought all of our pieces together when we needed him so desperately! Unfortunately both of my Fathers as well as my Father-in-law are no longer with us.
    Thank you for shaing that beautiful song, life has given us one time or another to feel the “luckiest”!
    God Bless you and your family, and a Happy Father’s Day to the “Dads” in your life!
    Char 🙂


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