Tired, Blocked, Blessed…

How is it that is is January 3rd, 2015 already?!?!

What a busy, wonderful, joy-filled holiday season it has been.

I have been a bit lazy in my posts lately, but only because I have been so busy simply enjoying life!

I have taken two full weeks off from my full-time job to just relish in and enjoy the holidays, and boy has it been lovely!

I spent the first few days of my vacation baking and shopping and last-minute preparations for the upcoming 4-days in a row of hosting festivities.

Grandmas Old Fashioned Apricot Nut Bread Last

christmas gifts 2014

We started on Christmas Eve by sharing dinner and the evening with our boys and and our sweet daughter-in-law.  We made our first prime rib dinner, exchanged gifts, and played games.

prime rib

risk christmas eve 2014

On Christmas Day, we hosted extended family for a hunky styled feast of halupkis and pierogies, ham, and lots of other goodies.

pierogi homemade polish pittsburgh

mason on christmas day

The day after Christmas was our special McHendy Christmas celebration with our “best friend family,” followed by Saturday with my Dad and “Mom II,” brothers and their families, Aunt and Uncle.

mchendy christmas

mchendy christmas 2

Sunday was spent with hubby’s 91-year-old Aunt who was in need of a little TLC.

Monday was an effort to get back to some normalcy and a bit of time in the gym.

Tuesday was prepping for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and Wednesday brought friends and family to celebrate New Year’s Eve (and my birthday!).

NYE 2014

NYE Kiss

We were fortunate to have friends stay over and enjoy New Year’s brunch.

Friday brought my first “free” day, so Marty and I took a ride to the city and I got to take some photographs with my new camera from Santa 🙂 .

pittsburgh 2 010215

Pittsburgh from west end 010215

Two more days of vacation, and I’m thinking,  “where did the time go?”

I’m glad the weekend is still in front of us!  Then it is time to get my groove back. 🙂

For now, it is cheers and hugs from a tired, but very content, very blessed, completely humbled, extremely grateful, but briefly blocked blogger who is so grateful for all of you and your “likes” and “comments” and love!


26 thoughts on “Tired, Blocked, Blessed…

  1. You have a beautiful home Jodi. 🙂 You also have a beautiful family and wonderful friends. I can tell through your photos and writing that you are a lovely hostess. I am happy that you had such wonderful holidays. Thank you so much for sharing those with us. 🙂 It truly has been a pleasurel

    I woke up at 2:30 am this morning (again ugh). My niece is bringing over her 2 and 3 year olds around 11:00 for me to watch while she goes to the beauty shop for a few hours. I am started to get tired again, so I’m on my way back to bed to get rested up for Brielle and Romi. 😀

    I hope you have a wonderful and “restful” weekend. Oh, and the pictures from your new camera are beautiful!!


  2. Wonderful photos, wonderful memories. You have been busy haven’t you! The days will continue to fly by, so much in fact they are putting Easter eggs out in our supermarkets! Your prime rib looks amazing! 😄


    • You are so right Jenny! Valentine’s were out the day after Christmas, and I have to admit I bought some heart shaped treats already to stash away and have fun with!

      The older we get, the faster time seems to go -eh?

      Gotta enjoy and cherish all the moments!


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  3. I believe what you are experiencing is what I call “My cup runneth over” moments. I’m so happy yours spilt all over the place for two weeks. If we just choose the joy (for me it comes from the Lord) every other good thing falls into place. Your blog gives people a taste of the full cup. It doesn’t come by what you have. It comes by what you choose to do. Your readers can choose to be jealous of what they read and see . . . Or they can choose to pour some more into their own cup until it overflows into a joyful life. Blessings to you, your family, and your readers. Happy New Year!


    • Oh Julie – such a sweet comment. Thank you! I never intend to make people jealous at all here. The intent is to show that life can be enjoyed in those simple, precious, cherished moments of “life in between,” where we have the opportunity to do what we want and share it with who we want when we are not doing what we “have to do” (i.e. work, chores, etc.). We all have the same amount of time to chose how we spend it. It needn’t cost a lot of money, it doesn’t have to be a big hoopla. Small cherished moments are what make a joy-filled life. We all have the opportunity to fill our cups. I love the way you described it. Thank you for bringing me joy this morning. xo

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  4. You have new camera! Wow! That’s good! And I see it’s not a waist! Those two pictures at the end are so so so so good! Light & Shadow and composition are marvelous! I studied a bit of photography few years ago…. didn’t finished!


  5. Jodi…Your pictures of the city are GREAT! If anybody deserves a new camera it is you. You do have an eye for composition! Happy New Year to you and Marty. See you I n the spring. Lois
    P.S. What kind of camera did you get?


    • Thanks Lois! Happy New Year to you and Dick also! My new camera is another Cannon, but a step up, and I got a new lens (telephoto) and tripod with it! 🙂 Nick got me a private photography lesson in a gift certificate from a local professional photographer, so I had a nice little session for almost two hours yesterday getting a few pointers. Nick also got me a lightbox for my birthday, which I will look forward to using to capture better food and card and individual item shots. Fun stuff! See you soon!


  6. Jodi, I love that big wall of windows in the back of your house!!! And what a fabulous shot of Pittsburgh! I remember a business trip to your fair city years ago where we ate at a restaurant on something called Mt. Washington? Am I remembering that right? And we overlooked the beautiful river.


    • Barbara – I love the back of our house too I have to say – it is almost all glass with the exception of a 12 foot floor to ceiling stone fireplace. I’ll need to get some shots when the snow is falling and a fire is going. Doesn’t get much more beautiful – unless it is looking at the Fall leaves…. or Spring blossoms…. or summer sunshine and birds….. LOL! Just being silly, but love communing with nature from indoors too! 🙂

      And you are absolutely right about Mt. Washington being a great place to eat and view the city. There are several wonderful restaurants right on the edge. I took some shots from there, but the ones I showed here are from the West End Overlook. I think it is the nicest view. And shows how all three rivers meet at our city. More to come at some point.

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  7. Loved this, sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. You experienced the LOVE of Christmas, what it is all about 🙂 Looking forward to 2015 and reading more moments of JOY at your life in between 🙂


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